Meet the Next Disney Ambassador Team from Hong Kong Disneyland

Holly Wong

by , Manager, Corporate Citizenship, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

In the heart of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, where magic comes to life and dreams are woven into reality, there’s a story unfolding – a story of two dreamers, Beyan Tse and Gisele Abejero. These two remarkable individuals have been chosen as the 2024-2025 Disney Ambassadors of Hong Kong Disneyland, the 10th generation to represent the resort. 

As Disney celebrates its 100th year of enchantment, Beyan and Gisele are ready to carry the torch of Walt Disney’s vision, spreading magic, and embodying the spirit of dreaming and storytelling. 

Beyan Tse: From Fan to Ambassador 

Beyan’s love affair with Disney began long before she ever dreamed of becoming a Disney Ambassador. It all started with a visit to Hong Kong Disneyland in 2005. Little did she know that this trip would set the stage for her magical journey. 

Fast forward to 2019, and Beyan found herself working at Hong Kong Disneyland in financial management, alliances, and sourcing. From day one, she felt an undeniable sense of belonging within the park’s vibrant community. But like any true Disney story, her journey was about to take an unexpected turn. 

Just as Walt Disney was a visionary who pushed the boundaries of imagination, Beyan was determined to explore new horizons. She discovered her dream-making potential by actively participating in Disney VoluntEARS and the Disney VoluntEARS Leadership Council. These experiences ignited a passion for community service she never knew she had. 

Beyan’s eyes sparkle with enthusiasm when she recalls her most cherished memories as a Disney VoluntEAR. She vividly remembers the radiant smile of Make-A-Wish kids when they met Queen Elsa at Hong Kong Disneyland. That single moment, that pure joy, fueled her dedication to caring for children and the elderly. As a Disney Ambassador, Beyan aims to share the love she’s received with both cast and the community at large. 

“Dreaming and making dreams come true is at the core of Disney,” Beyan said. “I want to pass on my love for this magical place and all the love I’ve received here. It’s a never-ending circle of happiness.” 

Gisele Abejero: A Journey of Compassion 

Gisele’s story is one of passion, performance, and profound empathy. Hailing from the Philippines, her love for performing blossomed at Hong Kong Disneyland over 15 years ago. She has graced the stage in beloved musicals like “Festival of the Lion King,” “The Golden Mickeys” and “Mickey and the Wondrous Book.” But it was her off-stage role as a mother that truly transformed her perspective.¬†

Gisele’s youngest daughter has autism, a journey that has opened her heart in ways she couldn’t have imagined. Being a mother to a child with autism shifted her worldview, infusing it with compassion, empathy, and a deeper understanding of the human spirit. It was this newfound empathy that led her to the role of Disney Ambassador. 

“Children have this incredible ability to remind us to stay young at heart,” Gisele shared. “Their innocence and boundless curiosity are a source of inspiration. I’m thrilled to share stories with them, alongside my Disney family of 15 years, and bring them hope and inspiration.” 

Gisele’s greatest wish is for all children to grow up in a world as magical as Disney, where creativity and imagination know no bounds. Her unique journey is a testament to the transformative power of empathy, echoing Walt Disney’s vision of creating a better world through storytelling and dreams. 

The Disney Ambassador Tradition: A Timeless Legacy 

The Disney Ambassador Program has a storied history that dates back to 1965, when Walt Disney himself selected the very first Disney Ambassador for the 10th anniversary of Disneyland. This tradition has evolved over the years at Disney parks and resorts worldwide. At Hong Kong Disneyland, Ambassadors are chosen from among approximately 5,000 full-time cast members. 

As representatives of the resort and their fellow cast members, Disney Ambassadors engage in various community service activities, including Disney VoluntEARS. They bring the unique magic of Hong Kong Disneyland to communities in need, spreading Disney’s positive energy far and wide. They also welcome guests from around the world, organize and participate in various events, and unite cast members with the shared purpose of capturing Disney magic in Hong Kong. 

But beyond their official roles, Disney Ambassadors are part of a close-knit family. They share a bond that transcends time and place, a bond that embodies the motto: “Once an ambassador, always an ambassador.” This family represents the resort and cast members, spreading Disney’s values and sharing cast life stories. 

As Beyan Tse and Gisele Abejero step into their roles as the 10th generation of Disney Ambassadors, they do so with hearts full of dreams and a deep commitment to the Disney legacy. They’re ready to inspire hope, ignite imaginations, and continue the timeless magic of Disney.