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World Celebration Gardens, ‘Walt the Dreamer’ Statue Debut Dec. 5 at EPCOT

Will Baggett

by , Communications Manager, Walt Disney Imagineering

In celebration of Walt Disney’s birthday on Dec. 5, guests visiting EPCOT will be able to visit Dreamers Point in the newly-opened World Celebration neighborhood and see our company’s original dreamer in a completely new light. Everyone is invited to imagine alongside Walt himself and look out over World Celebration Gardens together.

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This new statue, entitled “Walt the Dreamer,” represents Walt later in his life when he was dreaming up the overall Florida Project and the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. He sits with a sense of fulfillment, enjoying the beauty of his realized dream: a park that represents pure optimism and truly celebrates the magic of possibility.

Close up of the new Walt Disney statue, entitled “Walt the Dreamer," debuting at EPCOT at Walt Disney World Resort on Dec. 5, 2023

This new statue of Walt is one of many areas to visit as a part of World Celebration Gardens where guests will be able to relax, unwind, and connect – to EPCOT, to nature and to each other. Each of the gardens found in the center of World Celebration, including Dreamers Point, will connect back to the areas surrounding them, drawing on the architectural legacy of EPCOT, modern lighting elements and a variety of natural textures.

The new Walt Disney statue, entitled “Walt the Dreamer," debuting at EPCOT at Walt Disney World Resort on Dec. 5, 2023

Dreamers Point is named not only for the dreamer that has and continues to inspire us, but also for all of us who visit EPCOT every day to celebrate the endless potential and possibility of our world.


  • I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere, and maybe it has been discussed, but the pattern in the wall behind the Walt the Dreamer Statue of Walt Disney, recently placed at Epcot, is from an early concept art piece for Epcot…

  • WOW!!!😍😍😍 This garden was perfect!!! And I see one of those FIVE sections of “World Celebration Gardens”, including “Inspiration Gardens”, “CommuniCore Gardens”, “Connections Gardens”, “Creations Gardens” and “Dreamers Point”, with a new statue of Walt Disney as “Walt the Dreamers”!!!! Now, I can’t wait for see more details about this and see a sneak preview of every upcoming attractions and projects at EPCOT!! and it’s about time; HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎂, WALT DISNEY!!!

  • Looking forward to seeing this. I am one of the many original Disney generation “kids” and have enjoyed many trips to Disney and also introducing my Grand daughter and Great Grandson to the magic. We arrive on December 5th; HAPPY BIRTHDAY Walt!

  • I can’t wait to see it , I saw the one at Magic Kingdom with Mickey Mouse holding hands , been a big Disney fan ever since my mother worked at Disney still have my 1st Dumbo …