Disney’s Soarin’ Star Patrick Warburton Surprises Fans at Ride

Cayla Ward

by , Manager, Synergy & Partnership Marketing

Soarin’ Over California, Patrick Warburton is ready for take-off!

Disney’s Soarin’ Star Patrick Warburton surprising Disney guests

Select guests at Disney California Adventure park received a surprise welcome from their very own Chief Flight Attendant, Patrick Warburton, in celebration of the limited time return of Soarin’ Over California during Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival, taking place now through April 22, 2024.

For more than twenty years, Patrick has welcomed guests to Soarin’ attractions at Disney California Adventure park in California and at EPCOT in Florida with some “important safety tips” in a pre-recorded safety video before they take flight. But this time, he decided to conduct his final safety check in person before surprised guests flew through picturesque locations in California, including Yosemite National Park, Napa Valley, Lake Tahoe, Palm Springs, San Diego harbor, Malibu at dusk and the energetic lights of downtown Los Angeles, before returning for a triumphant flight over Disneyland park. See how the surprise took flight!

“It’s just magical to see how beloved Soarin’ Over California still is after all of these years,” Patrick shared. “I can remember my first trip to Disneyland at the age of five and I continue to be a huge Disney fan, so to be part of a Disney attraction that has lasted this long has just been such a sweet and wonderful thing for me.”

“Getting to surprise guests today was super fun, and it’s great to see the impact that this safety intro has made for the past 23 years and how people still love it. It was such a blast getting to be the Chief Flight Attendant for Soarin’ Over California once again!” 

All we can say is, “Nice work, Pal!”

Disney’s Soarin’ Star Patrick Warburton

Soarin’ Over California is back for a limited time during the Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival, where Disneyland Resort guests can savor a smorgasbord of specialty dishes and beverages, as well as enjoy family-friendly entertainment taking place now through April 22. Participating dining locations, select carts and ten festival marketplaces – including the new Earth Eats marketplace – peppered throughout Disney California Adventure park serve irresistible bites and beverages inspired by California’s diverse culinary scene. Select locations in the Downtown Disney District also feature specialty menu items in celebration of this year’s festival. Guests can view the full festival menu on the Disney Parks Blog, the Disneyland app, or pick up a Tasting Passport during their visits.

Attractions, experiences, and offerings may be modified, limited in availability or unavailable, and are subject to restrictions, and change or cancellation without notice. Both Theme Park reservations and valid admission for the same Park on the same day are required for Park entry. Park reservations are limited, subject to availability and not guaranteed. Park admission and offerings are not guaranteed. Visit Disneyland.com/updates for important information to know before visiting the Disneyland Resort.


  • What a Magical moment for Guests at Disney California Adventure! The surprise appearance of Patrick Warburton at Soarin’ Over California truly embodies the magic that Disney is known for, adding a personal touch that elevates the experience from memorable to unforgettable.

    I love hearing about Patrick’s enduring connection to Disneyland and his joy in reprising his role as the Chief Flight Attendant!. This gesture not only delights fans but also reinforces the timeless appeal of Soarin’ Over California.

  • We have it right for once!! Soarin’ Over California is playing at California Adventure and Soarin’ Around the World is operating in Epcot!! We should keep it this way!! I personally appreciated the California theme, and I’m sad to see the park turning into a generic Disney Adventure park. The imagineers in charge of the redesign put all that effort in to revitalize the California theme, and they did such a great job!! Removing Soarin’ Over California from DCA is the equivalent of removing it’s a small world from Disneyland, in my opinion!! And no one can tell me I don’t like change, as I’m a fan of the transition from Condor Flats to Grizzly Peak Airfield!!
    Also, one detail that I noticed is in the park description, on the Disneyland Resort website it mentioned the California theme of the park through 2015. Then it 2016 during the opening of Soarin’ Around the World, they removed the reference to the California theme on the website and it never has returned to this day. . . despite all the effort put in from 2007 through 2012…and now I will end with an excerpt from the rededication of the park: “ This unique place embraces the richness and diversity of California…”

  • Seeing this made my day!