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Marina Fernandes

Digital Integration Intern, Disney Experiences

Hey there! I'm Marina Fernandes, a Digital Integration Intern, and I couldn't be more thrilled to be living my Disney dream.

Originally from Brazil, I moved to the US in 2019 and started my professional journey at Disney during Summer 2023. Every day, my mission is simple yet magical – to bring the joy and wonder of Disney into people's lives, just as it has profoundly impacted mine.From my earliest memories, Disney has been my dearest companion. I grew up watching Hercules on repeat, and watching my brother watch Cars on a loop. My favorite thing about Disney is its universal appeal – it speaks to everyone! All people have a Disney moment regardless of how old they are and where they are from. Now, I have the amazing opportunity to help create unforgettable Disney memories for others just as it did for me and my brother.

When I'm not busy with all things Disney Parks Blog, you'll probably find me tasting the flavors around the world in Epcot :)

Join me on this journey and let's create magical moments together!

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