Meet Gadget from Circle D Corral

Heather Hust Rivera

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Gadget from Circle D Corral
You asked for more details from the Circle D Corral, so today we’re highlighting Gadget, one of the goats who live on our ranch. Gadget is an African Pygmy Goat. She was adopted by Circle D and her age is estimated at three years old.

Gadget is one of four goats at Circle D who is expecting, and the cast members at the ranch tell us the baby goats will be born any day now. In the coming weeks, we’ll share a photo of one of the baby goats.

Stop by Big Thunder Ranch at Disneyland park if you’d like to see and interact with the goats and other animals that live backstage at Circle D Corral.


  • My 2 yr old daughters FAVORITE thing about Disneyland was the Big Thunder Mnt ranch she sat and loved on 2 goats for an hour and cried when we had to leave for lunch reservations. Were gonna take her to WDW next year and when we asked her if she wanted to go she said “are there goats?” haha now i can show her this pic 🙂

  • I can’t help but think that Gadget was named after Gadget the girl mouse from the TV series “Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers” (the same Gadget who runs the “Go Coaster” in Mickey’s Toontown).

  • wowie im going to go see her tomarrow shes sooooooooo cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • We actually saw Gadget yesterday. What a great time we had!!!

  • I love stopping by to see the goats everytime I go to Disneyland!

  • I love this! I want to go see them. Congratulations, Gadget!

  • I always knew that there were horses that are at Disneyland, but how many other animals are living there? When and where can they be seen?


    Thanks for the story, looking forward to the update on her kiddos.! Any more story would be like Tony the Tiger would say, GREEEEAT.!
    Dion –

  • Awwww! So cute! Good luck, Gadget.

    Any pictures of Pocahontas the donkey? We were there last weekend and fell in love with her.

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