Mouseketeers March Down Main Street, U.S.A. in 1955 – Their First Public Appearance

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Mouseketeers March Down Main Street, U.S.A. in 1955
Do you remember the first time you saw the Mouseketeers?

The photo above shows the Mouseketeers’ first official public appearance on July 17, 1955, during the opening day festivities at Disneyland park. They were introduced to the American TV viewing audience for the first time during the live broadcast of opening day that was televised nationwide.

The Mouseketeers starred in the inaugural Main Street parade that day. In describing the parade for television viewers, Art Linkletter identified the Mouseketeers as the “. . . performing children who are going to be on the Disneyland ‘Mickey Mouse Club’.” On Monday Oct. 3, 1955, “The Mickey Mouse Club” made its nationwide television debut on the ABC television network.

The Mouseketeers also performed during the opening day show with their very own musical production number. All 24 Mouseketeers performed the “Talent Round-Up” song at the Mickey Mouse Club Theater in Fantasyland, culminating in the soon to become familiar “Mouseketeer Roll Call.”

The Mouseketeers have returned to Disneyland numerous times throughout the years including reunions in 1980, 1990, 1995 and the 50th anniversary festivities for Disneyland park on July 17, 2005.

Do you have a favorite memory of “The Mickey Mouse Club?”


  • I remember watching the Mousekeeter Club everyday when I was in grade school. I even got to go to the local TV station to be on the local show in Indianapolis–it had 2 little aliens, Fergie and Morty. I dreamed of going to Disneyland, but didn’t make it there until in my 20’s going with my Sister and my Niece and Nephews. What a dream come true!

  • Mouseketeer Lonnie here – in the number in front of the Mickey Mouse Club Theatre on the opening day telecast of Disneyland we did the ONLY Roll Call in all our filming of all 24 Mice. October 3, 1955 our show premiered and only about 12 of us made Roll Call – I was 1 of the 12 and 1 of 4 boys to last the entire series. 39 kids were original Mouseketeers during the show, most lasting only one season. The theatre later became the Fantasyland Theatre.

  • I am Mouseketeer Lonnie – In the number in front of the Mickey Mouse Club Theatre on June 17, 1955 we had the ONLY Roll Call in which ALL 24 kids were included. During our original MMC after Oct. 3, 1955, only one of the three teams were in roll call. At the opening some of us, including me, wore the Talent Roundup cowboy outfits, the other 12 wore the EARS. Lonnie

  • My first visit was Aug. 19, 1955, at age 7. Drove from Texas to see this magical kingdom my dad had read about. Now my children and grandchildren continue the family love affair with all things Disney.

  • The good old days….

  • I loved the show with the various series and the classic cartoons. A different theme for every day and the girls…what guy growing up at that time didn’t have a crush on one of the girls, Doreen, Sharon, Darlene and others and you had something wrong with you if you didn’t love Annette! I wish Disney would bring the old shows back on again on one of their channels. They used to run them late night with classic cartoons also. You would think they’d bring back something for those of us nearing retirement!

  • Oooooooh, Annette Funicello, need I say more. DisneyDave

  • I remember the first time I saw the Mouseketeers was on a Black and White the early 1960’s.
    I remember the series shows like Spin & Marty, The Hardy Boys mystery of The Applegate treaure, and The Men of the Western Sea. Those shows were intrigueing to me as a boy. I wonder if they would be as interesting today? I wish Disney would bring some of these back, or update them if they are too corny. Kids today are missing the fun and nostalgia of the original concepts of The Mouseketeer Club that we knew. Oh well, “funny ‘ol world ‘aint it?”

  • I was fortunate enough to perform with the Mouseketeers at Disneyland for the 50th Anniversary of “The Mickey Mouse Club”. We gathered very early in the morning that day, learned what to do, rehearsed and then the filming began. It was a magical morning and an opportunity of a lifetime. It will forever be my favorite memory of the Mouseketeers.

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