First Look at the All-New Annual Passholder Commemorative Collection

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

Annual Passholders – today we’re giving you a sneak peek at the new logo for the Annual Passholder merchandise that is being created just for you. Look for the logo below on array of products you won’t want to miss. We’re working to create new merchandise that will celebrate the opening of new shows, attractions and events only Disney can dream up. Items may vary, but this is your chance to ‘unlock’ a piece of that magic for yourself as you begin – or add to – your Commemorative Disney Collection.

All-New Annual Passholder Commemorative Collection

For Disneyland park, the first Annual Passholder commemorative merchandise to debut will be in celebration of the opening of Silly Symphony Swings and “World of Color“. This special series of merchandise will include a commemorative collection tee, coin and note card. So spotting that logo will be key to finding new designs. Look for it in mid-June at select merchandise locations throughout Disney’s California Adventure park.

Reminder: Other Annual Passholder offerings will include special early-shopping opportunities, sneak peeks at new merchandise lines, shopping locations and experiences as well special discounts and savings. For a list of Disneyland-related Annual Passholder offerings visit or

For our Walt Disney World Passholders, new Passholder merchandise will also be coming your way.


  • Wow, I am so with Sylvia on the V neck or scoop shirts. Please do consider this with future designs. Love Disney and I am a AP holder!

  • This is great news. Now we don’t only have to wear it around neck now we can acctualy it. I would love to see womans shirts in V-necks or scooped. The shirts that are like mens gotta go, they are sooooo uncomforrtable. Please consider this when designing! Thank You!!!!

  • OMG! I always want to show my AP Pride! This is going to be great!!! But I’m also confused… do you have to show your AP to buy this stuff, or can just anyone off the street buy it too? How will you keep it restricted to only APs?

  • So we’ll have to look for then AP logo in the store to know if they will have the merchandise? i’ll keep my eyes peeled! thanks for letting us know!

  • I cant see the pictures. But Ill check back later. Im an AP holder and love anything that says so!

  • I’m very confused – I assume these would be items only for APs. Hence hunting for the logo doesn’t make sense because they wouldn’t just be on sale in the store, they’d be behind the counter.

    Or will these be on sale for everyone..?

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