The Happiest Hotel on Earth Tour

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Vice President, Consumer Products

Disneyland Hotel
If you have a passion for Disney history, then you will definitely want to take the “The Happiest Hotel on Earth” Tour at the Disneyland Hotel.

Did you know that the Dreams Tower (formally named the Sierra Tower) was Orange County’s first high-rise when it opened in 1960? Or that the Disneyland Hotel, built in 1955, was owned by the Wrather Corporation until it was officially acquired by the Walt Disney Company in 1988?

This tour will give you a glimpse of the history and magic of the Disneyland Hotel and how it all began nearly 55 years ago.

If would like more information or want to sign up for this complimentary tour, visit the Guest Services Desk at either hotel.


  • When did this start? We were there for a 6 days and checked out on the 22nd. I would have liked to have taken this tour 🙁

  • I 4th it.

  • I “third” it.

  • I’ve stayed at the DL Hotel many times and always at the Bonita Tower ever since it was built. The main draw was to be able to rest in the afternoon with the window open so I could listen to the waterfalls. It was very relaxing.

    I loved walking through that area and seeing the Koi.

    Then I heard you wouldn’t be able to open your window.

    Now they are taking the waterfalls away.

    Please dont.

    I guess I’ll be staying at a non Disney hotel from now on.

  • This is a “second” to the comments from Jerry, Dan and Tommy. Please don’t take away the special areas that makes the Disneyland Hotel special and different from the corporate “convention” hotels that abound in Orange County.

  • In about 1982 Our parents decided to splurge just one night and stay at DLH. As we checked in the person helping us informed us that due to a busy hotel they had bumped our larger family of 8 to a different room. But they were giving us the same price. We ended up in the *penthouse* overlooking the koi pond. My Dad told us to not touch anything while he called the desk to make sure we were in the right room. He then asked if we could be bumped for the same price for a second night. on a visit a few years later We stayed in an cool garden bungalo that is now long gone. I hope the magic from those two trips doesn’t get totally killed by the time I stay again.

  • RIP the Garden Rooms. They were beautiful examples of what we now call Mid-Century Modern architecture, and my personal favorite places to stay.

  • My sister used to date the son of the Wrathers. The Bonita was named after Bonita Granville Wrather.

  • Oh man, the DLH was awesome back then. They recently took away the Top of the Park elevator. Any sort of charm MUST BE REMOVED! This is 2010, after all.

    Looking forward to the new changes, but they really do need to hang onto SOME of the things that made the DLH such a memorable place for so many people. I’m not holding my breath.

  • Sounds great, I can’t wait to go on the tour!

  • Will this tour be offered for at least the next few years??

  • Jerry.. Where this probably isn’t the correct forum for the discussion, I completely agree. The Disneyland Hotel is loosing its warm, relaxing, Tropical-Island charm (Trees, Koi, Waterfalls, rooms that open to the sounds and smells of the Disney Resort and the serenity it all offered) and is being turned into a cold, metallic theme-park playground (the Tomorrowland-like pool, closed windows, no more verandas, and even florescent room lights that have the wrong color temperature to them while showing ALL to onlookers at night). We will be able to leave the noise and rush and excitement of Disneyland and Tomorrowland, and get that same exact scene as we “rest” at our favorite Disney Hotel.

    The Disneyland Hotel was truly the last Tropical Paradise in Anaheim. It’s so disheartening to see it being torn apart for what I consider a mis-guided attempt to be ‘cool’ by throwing Retro in with Modern. Never mind relaxing by a sparkling Mermaid Lagoon when we come to our rooms, tired from our afternoon venture into the parks, we’ll have rockets!! Slides!! And Monorails!!! Yes… Yes!… YES!!!!!

    Regardless of the remodel, I LOVE the Disneyland Hotel and it’s wonderful history. I’m looking forward to the Tour so I can learn even more about the most Magical Hotel Disney has ever built. At least the history of the hotel and those relaxing tropical waters and open-air rooms will remain in our hearts and photos.

    Thank you for letting us know about the tour Heather! :-). My wife and I are looking forward to it! 8):-)

  • Too bad Disney is taking out the Waterfalls at Bonita Tower.The falls area is beautiful and adds charm and excitement to the area.Please save the waterfalls.

  • Thanks Heather! I never knew this tour existed, and I thought I knew all there was to know about Disneyland. I’ve stayed at the DLH a few times, and I can’t wait to see the changes coming in 2011. But now I really want to take this tour in the meantime!

  • What a great picture of the Hotel…can’t wait to take the tour. Thanks again Heather ! Without you I wouldn’t know half of this stuff !!…I even got the Mickey Mouse Hat in the box…it is SWEEEEET ! And the “Meet-up”…my Disney experience this year with your help…has been the best yet !

  • RE: Margaret’s question, as beautiful Heather mentioned, the tour is complimentary.

  • Sounds like fun! Are these tours given at specified times every day? If so, what’s the schedule? Is it necessary to sign up in advance?

    • The tour is held every Wednesday from 1 p.m. to roughly 2:45 p.m. Reservations are recommended for the 15 available spots. Sign up at the Guest Services desk at the hotel. If space is available, walk-ups are accepted.

  • Sounds like a fun tour! Is there a fee to take this tour, and if so, how much?

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