First Look at ‘TRON: Legacy Exclusive 3-D Sneak Peek’ at ElecTRONica

Robin Trowbridge

by , Entertainment Show Director, Disneyland Resort.

ElecTRONica Marquee Portal

Hi, I’m Robin Trowbridge, Entertainment Show Director at the Disneyland Resort. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be inviting you to “step into the grid” as I share some of the latest information about what’s happening at ElecTRONica!

As part of ElecTRONica, the new nighttime experience at Disney California Adventure park beginning October 8, we’re excited to share the new marquee for an exclusive 3D sneak peek of Disney’s upcoming film “TRON: Legacy.” Guests will be the first to “rez in” for a special look at the film before it even comes out in theaters on December 17. “TRON: Legacy Exclusive 3-D Sneak Peek” can only be experienced at Disney California Adventure park.

I hope to see you in the Park!


  • hello! we are a daft punk tribute crew known as daft punk’d. interested in djing this event. how can we book this event?

  • Is this a special event or will anyone at the park that day be able to experience the event?

  • So do or do not bring kids?

  • So, is this a full showing of the movie, or just an extra-long extended trailer? It’d be awesome if it were the full movie, but, either way, that’s pretty cool. Logistically, I think showing the whole movie would be a nightmare. The MuppetVision theater would be bottle necked like crazy. I wouldn’t want to wait in line for another 2+ hours if I just missed getting in.

    We’re going there mid-October anyway, so I’m excited to see what it’s all about!

  • Alexander >> the TRON footage that was tested and posted to You Tube be shown to all park guests AFTER World of Color is shown…it will NOT be added into W of C…its gonna be like in-park advertising…I’m gonna miss ElecTRONica by one day…ARRRGGH!!!

    Herman >> Daft Punk + TRON + ElecTRONica = BRILLANT!!!

  • I am continuously hearing a rumor that Daft Punk will be performing on October 8th. Can this be confirmed or denied?!

  • No Tron preview in Epcot? 🙁 Much sadness.

  • @Johnny – It would be so AWESOME if it was Daft Punk showing up
    for the opening of ElecTRONica! My fantasy aside…I wouldn’t
    be surprised to see Jason Bentley spinning like he did at the
    “End of Line” club event at Comic-Con / San Diego a couple months ago.

  • Very excited. We just had our 7 and 9 year old watch Tron for the first time 2 nights ago. Looking forward to seeing this in 3 weeks.

  • so will they be showing sneak peaks from the movie or the whole film with out anyone knowing becaue ill be there in a heart beat. well looking at the conceot art and this art work you can tell its going to be great.

  • Remember gang, the construction to turn the DCA entry into Walt’s 1920’s-30’s Hollywood has not even begun, won’t get underway until January, and won’t be completed until Summer, 2012. ElecTRONica is for October-December of 2010, and won’t have anything to do with what the park looks like in 2012.

    That said, this looks like a LOT OF FUN! I already miss Glow Fest, but ElecTRONica looks more themed and more interesting. I love all of these seasonal offerings Disneyland gives us year after year, with constant changes and updates. Can’t wait for ElecTRONIica!

  • Will the preview for the movie be only during hours of elecTRONica?

  • I was on youtube the other day and came across a video of testing world of color. It had TRON projected onto the mist screens. Is something of elecTRONica going to be tied into World of Color?

  • Can’t wait to see it in November. Shame this isn’t being offered for the visitors in Walt Disney World though – they’d absolutely love it. Spread around the TRON love!

    Club D23

  • Pretty cool.

  • Been hearing rumors about special guest D.J.’s for ElecTRONica…can you confirm or deny?

    • Good question, Johnny. ElecTRONica will feature some of the hottest DJ talents to help us power up the night. Stay tuned – more information on DJs and ways to get your “TRON” on will be coming soon! Hope to see you there!

  • LOVE IT! I think it’s great that Disney is growing the Tron legend. I think it is a FANTASTIC way for young minds to get excited about digital technology as well! December here we come!

  • This area will be an extension of the Walts Era thing, because they will have the red trolleys here. Still, though, this is Disney we’re talking about. They could probably put all this stuff up and take it all down overnight.

    I have a question. Is this viewing going to be just a 10-15 minute clip that’s on a constant loop a la the Muppets show and It’s Tough to be a Bug? Or will it only be shown a few times and you have to be on a schedule to see it?

  • The main entrance is to be come Walt’s Era 1930’s, not the whole park. Plus, this is “Hollywood Pictures Backlot”, you’d expect to have “after parties” with this kind of vibe! I’m excited about it!

  • I don’t understand if this area of DCA is to become Walts Era 1930s, how is this are to have events like Electronica and Summer Nightasic?

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