Haunted Mansion Holiday Panorama

George Savvas

by , Director, Public Relations, Disneyland Resort

We’re very excited to bring you a Disney Parks Blog first today – a panoramic photo of Haunted Mansion Holiday at Disneyland park taken with GigaPan technology. If you’re not familiar with GigaPan, it’s a process which allows you to explore panoramic images in amazing detail.

Last month, on the day before Haunted Mansion Holiday opened its creaky gates for the 10th spooktacular season, we decided to see if we could create a GigaPan image, exclusively for the Disney Parks Blog, where fans could examine Jack Skellington’s handiwork to their hearts’ desire. We hope you like it!

Oh – I almost forgot…For the truly detail-oriented Disney Parks Blog fans among you, a special surprise awaits in this image. Please don’t try to pin me down on what it is though. It will be good practice for you, because I know Tom Smith is working on a cool panoramic photo at Walt Disney World that you will want to be ready for!



  • **SPOILER ALERT** I can reveal to you now that we have hidden a Disney Parks Blog pin on the long scroll on the side of the Haunted Mansion. Specifically, on the reindeer drawing. I’m glad so many of you have enjoyed exploring this fun image!

  • Wow! is that what I think it is all tiny and hidden haha very cool…never saw a cat though 🙁

  • I found it, I think! Need a hint? Don’t read this if you don’t want to know!

    TrylookingontherightsideoftheexteriorentrancegatesandlookforaclassicHalloweencharacter. 🙂

  • Alright, I found it 🙂 I love hidden mickeys!

  • OK, I need some help! I have been looking at this over and over for 30 minutes and am not seeing anything than the cat, some hidden mickey’s in the garland (intentional?). Please post what we are looking for! Thanks. Oh, and it is very neat to be able to look at the haunted mansion under a microscope! More motivation for Disney to make sure everything is in tip-top-shape I am sure.

  • IF YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW – DON’T READ THIS. ok – I did the full screen as some of you suggested – fantastic. I have found (1) definite hidden Mickey on the left & a possible 2nd one almost right beside it. What else have you guys found?

  • Oh dear … I am assuming the surprise is on the banner 😉

    Can anyone make out what is the pin OF, though? I can’t seem to make it out clearly even though it’s zoomed in all the way. Hmph. Suggestions pleeease hehe

  • I see the cat behind the blue bow but I’m not sure that THAT is the hidden surprise 🙁 However, I think I see something on the left side of the gate that relates to one of the characters on this ride. Is that correct? I don’t even see these hidden Mickeys some of you speak of haha, what the heck!

  • Is there anyway to purchase a photo like this for a wall?

  • Ok, It took about about 10 mins. but I found it! and since I’m a nice guy I’ll give my fellow Disneyana Lovers A hint! zoom way in! COLOR!!! THAT WAS AWSOME FUN! THANKS MUCH!

  • For those of you having trouble, here is a clue… Compare the details of the two sides to the exterior gate/wall. What do / don’t you see…

  • Neat picture. So what’s the surprise? I’m clueless. 🙂

  • Oh wow, thanks Rich. That helps a lot! I still don’t see the special surprise though. I’ve taken the hint “pin down” so I’m looking for something pin-related, and I keep looking at the ‘closed’ sign, thinking that Megan was trying to tell me something, but alas, I still don’t see it.

  • Mark, you can view the image full-screen if you click on the GigaPan watermark, then ‘Launch Full Screen Viewer’.

  • I’m thinking I see a couple of hidden Mickey’s…
    @George – will you be posting what/where the surprise is located?

  • What type of camera was this take with . ? looks great /

  • I think I found it… Interesting.

  • Detail fantastic, it is! Special surprise, found it, I did, think I. Mmmm.

  • Very awesome!! 🙂

  • Awesome technology!

  • Looks like a cat to the bottom left side of the banner behind a blue bow!!

  • Wow, this technology is really impressive! I can zoom in so close, I can easily see the black plastic zip ties they use to attach the garlands to the Mansion’s wrought iron railings on the second floor! 😉

  • I would have considered it a giga if it was available as a full page view and not the little scrap sized window

  • i got it…shhhh

  • hidden mickey I found 1 is there more?

  • Found it!! What a freaky surprise! Hopefully what I saw is what everyone else is seeing.

  • Oh, think I found it:)

  • Oooh! Found it! 8:-D

  • P.S. My inner grammar geek demands that I point out Jack misspelled “mantel.” “Mantle” refers to an article of warm clothing, not the thing over a fireplace.

    P.P.S. Our dear Ghost Host II also says the experience is “unlike no other,” which is a double negative and incorrect.

    Aside from these, the Mansion is perfect! 😀

  • Well I HOPE it’s not the sign that says the Haunted Mansion is closed! 😉

  • found it! that was pretty easy.

  • Can I get a hint for where to look? I can’t seem to find it!

  • aww im trying to figure out the image. can someone give a hint?

  • Trying like heck. What is the hidden surprise?

  • Ooooo! It is so amazingly clear when zoomed waaaaaay in! I love it!

    Oh, and I’m going to Mickey’s Halloween Party tonight too! See you there! Boo!

  • Found it 🙂

  • Nicely put, Sarah!

  • Found it as well. Was very interesting photo.

  • Found it! Man, that was hard to pin down.

  • Amazing! Of course I prefer the real thing and will see it later today at Mickey’s Halloween Party!

  • Wow this is AMAZING!!!! I can’t wait to find out what the hidden surprise is!

  • That is awesome! And I think I might have found “something” in the pic . . . maybe not “the surprise” in question but it is definitely something! 😀

  • My screen is black. What am I doing wrong?

  • That is incredible. I love being able to zoom in on every little detail. Not quite as being there in person but it was fun.

  • That’s really amazing George. By increasing the screen size with my TrackPad I can see even the smallest details. Now off to search for the surprise!

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