‘Disney Channel Rocks’ Debuts at Disney California Adventure Park

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Vice President, Consumer Products

Last Friday, “Disney Channel Rocks,” a new rock-concert style show featuring performers who dance and sing live to music from Disney Channel shows and movies, debuted along Paradise Bay in Disney California Adventure park.

The 17-minute show includes parts of 12 songs, such as “Camp Rock,” “High School Musical,” “Cheetah Girls One World” and “Jump In,” movies as well as T.V. shows “Shake It Up” and “Hannah Montana.”

Take a peek at this video that we shot on Friday.

Did you notice the water fountains shooting up in the air?

This is the first time a stage show is using the fountains from “World of Color” as a backdrop and an additional element for a daytime show. The fountains shoot up to 200 feet in the air and definitely amp up the fun.

“Disney Channel Rocks” is currently scheduled to run several times a day on most days. Check the schedule here on disneyland.com for daily updates and to see if the show is running on the day of your visit.


  • I love that California Adventure is a modern extension of classic disney. Gives Disney an outlet to be able to represent the new concepts and preserving Disneyland on the other side of the lot. Lot’s of kids admire the classic stories and elements of Walt Disney, but also have been introduced to new animated features and shows that can be represented in the new park. I do think in fact that Cal Adventure has not compromised Disney’s magic, just a variation of it. I am in fact a fan of Disney Channel as it’s one of the few channels that have physical exaggerated comedy such as “I Love Lucy” in a time when television networks are flooded with reality TV. I will be watching it with my younger family this holiday season over hot cocoa 🙂

  • pleaseee bring back to the disney channel the classic cartoons and rerun MMC old and new….
    the show looks very cool…luv the fountains

  • How does elecTRONica fit into 1930’s Hollywood? How does Little Mermaid fit 1920’s Pier? Midway Mania? Pixar Play Parade? They don’t…it’s a park with a theme, not a historical reenactment.

  • This show was Great!!! what does this have to do with the 1920’s Victorian theme? you may not enjoyed it, but other people will.

  • Fountains are a nice touch, not feeling the show like the crowd in that video, sorry also not a huge fan of disney channel. I agree with Tony on the theming as well.

  • how does this fit in with the 1920’s Victorian theme that Paradise Pier is supposed to be heading into?

  • I personally am not a huge fan of most Disney Channel shows, but I know that there are a lot of people who like them and I respect that.

    It looks pretty cool and I’m sure a lot of people will like it. The fountains are a nice touch, and its great to see them using that new stage in Paradise Park.

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