Fairy Tale Suite at the Disneyland Hotel

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Vice President, Consumer Products

Fairy Tale Suite Bedroom

This is our fourth post in our series on signature suites at the Disneyland Hotel. One of the newest additions is the Fairy Tale Suite.

Fairy Tale Suite Foyer

Guests enter the Fairy Tale Suite delighted by pixie dust and the appearance of Tinker Bell, who illuminates a crystal castle encased in the wall. A marble foyer descends into an enormous bedroom overlooking the entire resort through floor-to-ceiling windows.

Fairy Tale Suite Bedroom

The sage and champagne colors used throughout the suite elegantly blend the combination of blonde and glass furniture. The suite’s centerpiece is an exquisite canopy bed overlooking the corner view. The room is finished with crown moulding, automatic drapes and a custom-designed dresser, from which a flat-panel television ascends at the touch of a button.

Fairy Tale Suite Bathroom

The focal point in the suite’s bathroom is a beautiful hand-cut mosaic of a stylized Sleeping Beauty Castle. The mirror disguises a TV and the double vanity countertop twinkles with shooting stars. Domes and Corinthian columns mix thematically with an abundance of modern amenities, including a steam shower and Jacuzzi tub with chromo-therapy.

To inquire about prices and availability, please call (714) 956-6425.

What do you think is the coolest feature of the Fairy Tale Suite?


  • Kevin is absolutely correct, the new bathtub while beautiful, is half the size of the former jacuzzi tub. It was large enough to fit two very comfortably, therefore the “Honeymoon Suite” purpose and name. Of course the remodeling makes the room much better and I am fortunate to be staying there this week. We had this room on our wedding night in June, 2004 when we had a Disney Fairytale Wedding through the resort. Since then we have stayed in the room about 3 times in celebration of our anniversary. I am humbled to have been given the opportunity to stay in the suite before, the wonderful staff and the beautiful views. I anxiously await the opportunity to enjoy it again! If there was one thing I would add though, seeing as it is “her” castle, I’d have Sleeping Beauty in that room somewhere!

  • My wife and I stayed here back in 2006 for our 3 year dating anniversary (we were dating then). I love what they did with the place, very chic, but I was sad to see that the roman tub is about 1/2 the size of the old jacuzzi tub that used to be in there. I think they did a great job with the relatively small space they had. I hope they are piping fireworks music in the room or at least the phone system now. Everything was wonderful but I had to use my ipod for the “Remember…Dreams Come True” score as the view of the fireworks from the floor to ceiling windows is second-to-none 😉

  • Does the bedroom television come equipped with a Blu-ray disc player or Playstation 3 system like the Dream Suite has?

  • Beautiful, a fairy tale come true.. :))

  • oh how GORGEOUS!!! that is truly a dream come true suite!!!!! I am going to try to book my anniversary in it!

  • My wife and I had already decided to start saving now for our fifth anniversary (in five years) so we can afford to stay in the Thunder Mountain Suite. After seeing this, she’s decided she wants to stay in the Fairy Tale Suite instead!

  • Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

  • I have to say it is stunning! I was looking at the pics with my three year old daughter and after we were done the first words out of her mouth was “Can I live there, Momma?” I think that sums it up!

  • I would love to stay in such a beautiful suite! Though, I know I probably never will. I don’t need to call the number to know I can’t afford it. I guess it works out because if I stayed in such a nice sweet I wouldn’t visit Disneyland because i’d want to stay in the suite all day.

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