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Local Traditions at Holidays Around the World

For those of you who have had the pleasure to stroll through Epcot this time of year, you know just how magical the Park can be. With Holidays Around the World in full swing and the sounds of the 50-piece orchestra filling the air nightly during Candlelight Processional, it’s nearly impossible not to get into the holiday spirit. Epcot does so much to bring international tidings of Yuletide cheer to the Park. With cultural storytellers throughout World Showcase telling the legends & lore of the holiday season and the pavilions are dressed in festive traditional holiday décor so that Guests can enjoy the sights and customs that are celebrated across the world.

With all the worldly traditions found all around World Showcase, the American Adventure Pavilion is celebrating with a local tradition found right here in Florida. Throughout the holiday season, The American Adventure has invited The Magnolia Company to showcase their magnolia leaf holiday wreaths, swags, and décor that have all been handcrafted leaf by leaf using techniques that have been passed down through for generations.

Dried Magnolia Wreath

The Magnolia Company is rooted in Barberville, FL., and specializes in creating beautiful magnolia wreaths and decorations. The leaves that make up these lovely wreaths come from the same farm that has been owned and operated by the Underhill family since the 1800’s. For the past 10 years the family has been perfecting the Magnolia Trees on their farm which has provided them with the ornamental cuttings for the wreaths and swags that appear in homes across the country.

Clover Magnolia Wreath

Throughout the year, The Magnolia Company gives their trees a lot of TLC in the way of proper water, nutrition and pest management to ensure that the tree and leaves are of the highest standards and quality. After 270 days of watching over the Magnolia Trees, the trained Magnolia Company staff sharps their tree pruners and hand selects only the most beautiful stems and leaves that are ready for use in The Magnolia Company wreaths and decorations.

Red Lacquered Wreath

The American Adventure is thrilled to showcase The Magnolia Company in Epcot this holiday season. Not only does this special showcase bring more festivities to Holidays Around the World in Epcot, but also a touch of a Florida tradition. The Magnolia Company will not only feature the Original Magnolia Wreaths, but is also featuring their new Clover Magnolia Wreaths which features a beautiful base of cooper and green Magnolia leaves with embellishments of red hydrangeas, yarrow, rose hips, wand moss covered lotus pods. Plus, my personal favorite, the Holiday Red Lacquer Wreaths made from a base of lush magnolia leaves that have been coated and sealed with a bright festive Holiday Red Color.

So if you’re strolling through Epcot over the next few weeks, take time out to enjoy The Magnolia Company at The American Adventure and the rest of the joyous sights and sounds of Holidays Around the World.