Video: How to Make Holiday Tamales

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Vice President, Consumer Products

Yesterday, Betsy shared how making tamales is a traditional holiday treat for her and family. The Disneyland Resort also celebrates this tradition by offering tamales at Rancho del Zocalo during the holiday season through Jan. 3.

We spoke with Chef Jay Garcia who showed us how we can make tamales at home. You can see the full recipes for the chicken tamales and vegetable tamales.

Take a peek and let us know if you participate in this tradition.


  • to Melody the cheese is Queso cotija. Named for the town of Cotija, Michoacan, where it originated, this is a sharp, crumbly goat cheese. It has been called “the Parmesan of Mexico” and is usually served over beans and salads.

    to Claudia
    you should be able to get the corn husks online and shipped to you, as they are dry they should be pretty lite and not too expensive to ship to the UK. no idea on the Masa though sorry 🙁

  • What kind of cheese for the snowflake look? I can’t make out what he’s saying

  • I love tamales but since I moved to the UK it is nearly impossible to find the ingredients (especially the corn husk) so I haven’t had them in about 10 years… so this video made me both hungry AND homesick 🙂

  • i´m mexican ,and i´m really know HOW MAKE TAMALES,so i think that the form that the chef did the tamales it´s wrong.
    WE LIKE MEXICAN NEVER GOING TO PUT SOME CHIPOTLE AND LESS PICO DE GALLO,ON THE TAMAL , i know that there a lot of form to do it but mexican isn´t.

  • I usually buy tamales or get some from my neighbors. Since I have the 30% off coupon, I’ll get some at Rancho del Zocalo.

  • I’m on it!!!! I will pick up what I need, make them and then take them wih us to “Christmas Dinner” with my daughter in San Fransisco Sunday! Thank you

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