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Every Role a Starring Role – Disneyland Railroad Steam Trains Fueled by French Fry Oil

David Gill

by , Disneyland Resort

You heard that right! For more than two years, the Disneyland Railroad steam trains have been powered by biodiesel made from recycled cooking oil – used to make french fries and other foods – at the Disneyland Resort. Our use of biodiesel saves approximately 200,000 gallons of petroleum diesel each year.

In celebration of Earth Month, we’d like to introduce you to our steam train engineers and the maintenance team that keeps the five environmentally-friendly locomotives running smoothly and on time at Disneyland park.

Meet more cast members from the Disneyland Resort:


  • That video made me smile a lot!!

    We did “The Magic Behind the Steam Trains” tour at WDW a couple years ago, and it was great! We loved going backstage to the engine house and learning more about Walt’s railroad history. I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in the Disney trains.

  • That looks like a ton of fun!

  • My family and I have had the pleasure of meeting Curtis the “engineer” in this video. What a wonderful young man and a real ambassador for Disneyland!! He truly enjoys his interaction with Park guests and really does his part to keep the magic alive.

    Thank You to Curtis and all the cast members for helping build our Disney Memories!!

  • I’m with Aaron — WDW start doing this, pleeeeeaaaaaase?

  • I am so jealous of the crews of the steam trains at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. It is awesome that the incredible machines that are steam trains are kept going for generation after generation to learn about them. There is nothing more amazing than the hiss of the steam and the awesome tone of the various whistles. Thnak you all for your hard work!

  • I love how the Disneyland Resort tries to be s green as possible.

    I was wondering, I know that the trams are powered by compressed natural gas, but are the Autopia cars powered that way as well?

  • I agree with Aaron.
    Please share more about such videos if possible.
    I can feel the engergy and happiness from the staff at WDW.
    Although the job is not change, the customers/visitors are various.
    Talking with them especially children is one of my ideal job.


  • That is so great, I just love the videos about every role being important, since I really do believe in all my trips to disney it is true.
    Glad to hear about the bio-diesel, very nice!

  • This is an awesome video! My 6 year old just found a new career path 🙂 Hope ya’ll need a driver in 15 years!

  • More of this, please!

    I just can’t get enough of the backstage material.

    The Every Role a Starring Role video are fabulous — any chance the team at WDW will pick up the format, too?

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