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Summer Fun Outfits for Duffy The Disney Bear

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

Duffy's Americana Outfit

One of the more unique aspects to my role with Disney is that I get to photograph all sorts of merchandise. Since last October, I’ve had the opportunity to photograph my friend Duffy the Disney Bear at several places around Disney Parks. I recently caught Duffy sporting several new outfits just in time for some summer fun.

First up, Duffy is looking very patriotic in his red, white and blue outfit. The image at top features a pre-dressed, 12-inch Duffy the Disney Bear which was recently released to celebrate Independence Day in the United States of America. I spoke with Monty Maldovan, the Disney Design Group Artist responsible for this design.

“The Americana outfit was originally planned to be Duffy’s World Showcase costume for The American Adventure,” explained Monty. “After some consideration, we changed that outfit to be his baseball one and moved the Americana outfit for the 12-inch, holiday-themed bear.”

Duffy Wearing His New Pirate Outfit

You may have caught a glimpse of Duffy wearing his new pirate outfit if you saw my recent video on the Disney Parks Blog. Duffy joined me that morning at The Pirates League when I was transformed into Jacob Squidcheese. I figured a cameo by Pirate Duffy was a perfect thing for that video since his costume was inspired by Captain Jack Sparrow.

Duffy Wearing His ‘Cars’ Outfit

Duffy also joined me when I paid a visit to the Downtown Disney Car Masters Weekend in mid-May. Duffy wore his “Cars” outfit while I photographed him standing next to four-time Piston Cup Champion Lightning McQueen from the upcoming “Cars 2” motion picture. He even met “Cars” Franchise Guardian Jay Ward at the event. Can we say “awesome?”

Both the pirate and “Cars” outfits are arriving in locations as I type. Speaking of which, I’m often asked on the official Facebook fan page for Duffy where Duffy merchandise is sold. Besides the Tokyo Disney Resort and Hong Kong Disney Resort, Guests can find Duffy merchandise at Disney Parks in the United States. In California, you should visit Treasures in Paradise at Disney California Adventure park which is considered “Duffy Central.” We also recently expanded the number of locations in California, so now you can find items in locations at the Downtown Disney District, the three Resort Hotels and Disneyland park.

In Florida, “Duffy Central” is located at Disney Traders near the entrance to World Showcase in Epcot. Duffy merchandise is also carried at each of the four theme parks, select resorts and the Downtown Disney area in Florida.

Duffy Wearing the Walt Disney World 40th Anniversary Ear Hat

With so many fun outfits, what are you dressing your Duffy in for summer? Post a photo or two on his Facebook fan page – I’d love to see them! I chose a simple Walt Disney World 40th Anniversary Ear Hat from the Emporium on Main Street, U.S.A.


  • I LOVE Duffy, he’s my best friend! hehe I even made a cool little video on youtube about him, its called “Disney Duffy’s Journey”. Its about how we met. All the outfits are so cute, we’re going back to WDW next month to buy more! And “Amy From Florida” is right, the Build-A-Bear clothes fit perfect and make him look so cute!
    Keep up the great Duffy work, hope to see more soon!

    Shawn & Duffy

  • My Duffy wants the Cars outfit!!!! I made him a Lightening McQueen t-shirt, however, he’s not going to stop bugging me until I get him back to the parks to get him that outfit! He LOVES Lightening McQueen and has an official countdown calendar to the opening day of the movie on June 24th.

  • steven where can i send you a personal message

  • I hope we see some “everyday clothes” options for Duffy like in Tokyo. Until then us Duffy fans in the States are resorting to clothes from Build A Bear as they fit Duffy perfectly. They even have official Disney character costumes and recently came with ones of Captain Hook and Cruella!

  • Any idea when the Sorcerer Mickey outfit will be available?

  • I would like to see something as a substitute for pal mickey… Maybe pal Duffy? Lol

    • @Heather and Marlee – There are no plans at this time to introduce a “Pal Duffy.” Sorry. But in a technology related note, I’m working on an update about new D-Tech electronic accessories (though I don’t recall seeing anything Duffy related … yet 😉

  • Steve – Duffy is cute, but does Disney have any plans for something more technological to take the place of Pal Mickey?

  • Still, Duffy is proof that not EVERYTHING from the Tokyo and Paris parks needs to be imported stateside–
    He is cute, but Disney had just as much problem bringing Marie the Kitten’s popularity over from Tokyo, and we at least had a movie to tell us who -she- was. I’m not against original park creations, but if they don’t have a movie or a ride, who are they?

  • We LOVE Duffy. We have many of his outfits including, Salior, UK, China, France, Mexico, Germany, Canada, and Pirate. We would like to see more outfits for the 17″ Duffy. Keep the merchandise coming! We also LOVE the mugs that just came out and want the popcorn buckets!

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