Brad Garrett Finds Nemo at Disneyland Park

George Savvas

by , Director, Public Relations, Disneyland Resort

We recently welcomed Brad Garrett and his family back to the Disneyland Resort. Aside from being an award-winning actor and one of the nicest guys around, Brad is also known for providing the voices for some Disney and Disney•Pixar characters on the big screen, most recently in Disney’s “Tangled” as Hook Hand and before that as Chef Gusteau in the Disney•Pixar film “Ratatouille.”

Brad told me he is currently working on another animation project, “Planes” for DisneyToon Studios, which draws inspiration from the world of Disney•Pixar’s “Cars.”

Brad Garrett at Disneyland Park

Can you name the character Brad voiced in the 2003 Disney•Pixar film “Finding Nemo” who also appears in Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage at Disneyland park?

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  • That’s awesome. I always love it when celebrities are able to visit the Disneyland resort.

    In answer to the question, Brad Garrett voiced Bloat in Finding Nemo.

    I’m looking forward to Planes. In case anyone hasn’t heard about it, not only is it inspired by, it actually takes place in the Cars universe, its a spin off, and it also features the voice of Jon Cryer.

    • Wow! Fred, you sound like you were prepared for this one! By the way – “Planes” debuts on Blu-ray and DVD in Spring 2013.

  • Thanks George!
    I was able to attend the Walt Disney Studios presentation at the D23 Expo, that’s where I first heard about Planes, it sounds (and looks) very intriguing, and animated films with inanimate objects being alive are always interesting and fun. 🙂

  • Thank you for including the information about what this person has done. So often on this blog these “celebrities” are just explained by name and photo, but they are completely unknown and unrecognizeable to me.

    It’s nice to know what movies Mr. Garrett has worked on, since his face and name don’t ring a bell. I hope he had fun on the submarines!

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