Point of View: Omnibus at Disneyland Park

Shannon Swanson

by , Public Relations Manager, Disneyland Resort

Fifty-five years ago today the Omnibus first made its way down Main Street, U.S.A., in Disneyland park. To celebrate, I chose the double-decker as the first vehicle in a new series where our cameras capture a unique point of view (POV) of the Disneyland Resort. Five cameras traveled aboard the Omnibus to tape the entire trip from the Main Street Train Station to Sleeping Beauty Castle and back again.

Next up in the series, our cameras board the E.P. Ripley for a trip around Disneyland park on the Disneyland Railroad.


  • Why don’t the Omnibuses run at WDW any longer? They used to run on main street and in Epcot and now there are none??

    I would think with the messing of size they would be running at WDW not in DL ?

  • Love the POV idea!! Can not wait to see others in the series. My family has been blessed to have many cast members become part of our Disney family of friends. Was happy to see our friend Vern driving one of HIS favorite rides down Main Street!!

    Way to go Big Fella!!

    Arizona Mike

  • I have always wonered what is the Omnibus’ topspeed?

  • Just rode the Omnibus for the FIRST time on Monday! Despite having been an AP for the last five years and making two visits in the two years previous, we had never connected with this fun little jaunt.

    We walked into the park on Monday and there it was, just waiting for us a few Make-A-Wish recipients.

  • Neat video, we just LOVE that bus ride, have been riding it for years and years. We are grandparents now, need to bring our grandson out here to visit the Park with him for the first time, he lives in Texas.

    Disneyland is the BEST! No other amusement park will do for us.

  • That’s actually a pretty funny video, it looks like their going to run into people! Good thing it really doesn’t go that fast!

  • I love the Omnibus! I always try to leave it for my last ride of the day when we end our a multi-day trip to Disneyland with a few extra morning hours in the park before we leave.

  • Dean–
    Yes, there is! 🙂

  • My son loved the omni bus! He is 8 and Severly autistic, we took him when he was 4. He still watches his disneyland trip planning dvd’s, unfortunetly since I am his main care giver I can’t work, just my husband(his dad), so we haven’t had the funds to go again. Ashton doesn’t talk, and he doesn’t understand Santa clause, or the tooth fairy, or the easter bunny, but he does know and understand Disneyland, and Mickey Mouse. The first time he saw minnie mouse, I saw a recognition in his eyes I’d never seen before. He also had his first major communication breakthrough while at the park. We hardly have enough money for the very basic necessities, but some day we hope to get to take him back it is truely a MAGICAL place!!!

  • The legend goes that Walt Disney wanted a double decker bus for Main Street at Disneyland and told Disney Legend Bob Gurr to “make it so” (I’m sure he didn’t use those words, but you get the idea). Bob Gurr didn’t really have any plans laying around for double decker buses, so he got a hold of a model kit for a double decker buss (Dinky toy, perhaps) and made the plans from that.

    They had Double Decker buses at Epcot for a while too, made from the same plans that Bob Gurr drew in the 1950s.

  • too fast slow it down, but loved it! Can’t wait for next trip…

  • I’ve been on the Omnibus twice! It is cool riding on the top deck!

    Isn’t there an old TV Special with the Osmond Brothers and Kurt Russel singing “Down on the Corner” on an Omnibus type vehicle going down Main Street?

  • We rode this almost every day on our Disneyland vacation last week. My much younger brother and sister loved it, and my parents and I loved sitting down for five minutes straight! I highly recommend trying to catch a ride on the Omnibus.

  • Very nice!

  • Please consider running the Omnibus at WDW more often!

  • Cool video!

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