Finding Your Zen: Favorite Quiet Spots at the Disneyland Resort

Jim Ames

by , Event Manager, Walt Disney Parks & Resorts

As a long time cast member of the Disneyland Resort, I have had the opportunity to experience our parks and resorts countless times. Whether visiting with family or friends, the energy and excitement of a day in the parks is all part of the fun. But if I need a breather during the day, one of my favorite ways to recharge is to find a quiet location and just relax.

Both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure parks provide beautiful areas to sit and watch the day unfold. Here are a few of my favorites.

Silly Symphony Swings at Disney California Adventure Park

Silly Symphony Swings at Disney California Adventure park has a beautiful covered promenade. While guests are swinging high above, you can take in the stunning views of Paradise Pier, The Little Mermaid ~ Ariel’s Undersea Adventure and The Golden Vine Winery across Paradise Bay.

Also at Disney California Adventure park, Grizzly Trail provides a serene nature walk past Grizzly Falls on the way to Paradise Pier or Pacific Wharf.

At Disneyland park, the Court des Anges in New Orleans Square not only provides a quiet respite, but instantly transports me to another time and place. Even if I’m doing some holiday shopping the beauty of the courtyard inspires.

Fowler’s Inn at Disneyland Park Mark Twain Riverboat at Disneyland Park

But my two favorite spots at Disneyland park both provide a different way to experience the scenery. The area by Harbour Galley and Fowler’s Inn offers a riverfront landscape with the gentle sound of lapping water. But for me, nothing beats sitting on the bow of the Mark Twain Riverboat for a picturesque journey on the Rivers of America.

What is your favorite quiet spot at the Disneyland Resort?


  • After all the hussle and bussle of Glasgow city centre, I find almost everywhere in Disneyland to be tranquil! But my favourite spot is at the foot of the Partners statue. Even when the park is busy, it never seems to be too crowded to do some people-watching. I also love sitting around in New Orleans Square, watching the Mark Twain float serenly around the Rivers of America. Oh to be back in the warm, enveloping arms of the California sun, in my Happy Place!

  • An often overlooked spot is one one of the trains of the Disneyland Railroad. It’s not the Lilly Belle, but there’s a second train that has a passenger caboose at the back. Next chance I get to go to Disneyland on a rainy day, I’m taking my laptop, a hot chocolate, a blanket, a copy of “Fantasia” or “Three Caballeros” and just riding round and round watching a Disney classic!

  • Fowler’s Inn is absolutely one of my all time favorite spots in Disneyland! I love how just turning a small hidden corner can take you a world away from the crowds even on the busiest days.

    • Robert – Fowler’s Inn is one of the many beautiful and serene spots at Disneyland Resort. I’ve added a few more on our Facebook page at

  • By far the best quiet area of the resort is the trail back behind Grizzly River Run. True it isn’t actually “quiet”, with the water rushing by. But it is very very tranquil and is usually devoid of people. Love going back there where the waterfall and mine car are.

    Parts of Tom Sawyer Island and even parts of the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail have some quiet places too.

    Trader Sam’s can be a great place to “decompress” in a relaxed atmosphere, especially if you go in the afternoon. At least it is this way until orders the Krakatoa Punch. 🙂

  • We live in Florida so frequent WDW as annual passholders. I’ve found many spots to nurse a baby or have a quiet place for naptime. One of the things that I would love to see in the parks is a designated quiet spot for prayer, contemplation, meditation, etc. It wouldn’t have to be elaborate, just a small garden space or even a small room such as the nursing room in the Baby Center. The reason I think this is that a few years ago, I was in a bathroom in Epcot and saw a Muslim woman kneeling on the floor on her prayer rug, saying her prayers. I felt so badly that the space that she found was in a filthy bathroom. I was reminded of it again when I saw a Muslim man at Hollywood Studios saying his prayers just outside a bathroom a couple of weeks ago. I just wish they had a nice place to go that was clean and appropriate for their prayer time. As a Catholic, I remember being at the Magic Kingdom when we heard of the death of Pope John Paul II. We kneeled in an area near Space Mountain to say a prayer but it sure would have been nice to have a place to go to have some privacy and quiet time.

  • We love this subject! We just wrote about this in our new book The Mother’s Checklist of Drug Prevention: in the section Everything I learned about parenting I learned at Disneyland.
    Reduce Your Stress by Quieting Your Mind
    Establish a Pattern: Places to Relax at Disneyland

     The area where the quartet with antique instruments plays in the back alleyway of New Orleans Square between the bathroom by the railroad and the Blue Bayou restaurant. They are fantastic, and completely relaxing.
     There is a three-piece jazz band that plays in the French Market Restaurant. You can get a mint julep and some Mickey-shaped beignets while you sit and relax.
     The downstairs deck at the Hungry Bear Restaurant is quiet and has great bathrooms. Bring your lunch, or order food upstairs. We have a tradition of saving all of our bread crusts, sometimes for weeks, so we can feed the ducks there while watching the boats and canoes. It’s a wonderful, cool, quiet place to take a break.
     The bridge by the pond next to Thunder Mountain. Don’t go too close to the smokers; they tend to wander away from their designated spot for smoking. (Rule breakers!)
     The Grand Californian Hotel: inside on any couch on the first or third floors, or in front of the fireplace. Bring a book (Kindles, Nooks, and iPads work too) and read while your child takes a nap in the stroller.

  • It is amazing how tranquil it is around Rivers of America. Whether it be a riverboat, a sailing ship, the canoes or a raft, everyone should definitely put that on their list of activities to do while at Disneyland and/or Walt Disney World. I’m so glad Walt gave us that bit of, lost in time Americana

  • Rancho Del Zocalo mexican restaurant at night with it all lit up just sitting there soaking up all the atmosphere and my second would be along the rivers of america. Can’t get enough of it all.

  • I like going to see the goats and after petting them for a few, sitting at the table and watching all the kids go nuts petting them, and the parents smileing with them. Nothing like see families enjoy simple pleasures.

    Also on really hot or busy days, going to the old bank, Mr. Licoln, or Steamboat Willie. Lots of history, and air conditioning.

  • For Disneyland Park: In Critter Country, the lower-deck dining area of the Hungry Bear restaurant is often less crowded– and far in the back, there’s a secluded area that has great views of the river and the surrounding greenery.

    For California Adventure: In the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail area, my daughter and I have enjoyed the “hollow log” that is to the left of the entrance area, above the theater. Tree-shaded and relatively less-traveled, it’s a great place to curl up and rest, or pretend to be fairies in Pixie Hollow!

  • I have many: On the right of Sleeping Beauties Castle bridge there’s a small pond and lots of beautiful flora and fauna, and when the park is still uncrowded it’s beautiful and full of birds.
    At night, just past the French Market in Orleans Sq, there’s a circular spot to sit…near the Disneyland train. It’s dark and never crowded there. Lots of spots in Frontierland take me back in time and Tomorrowland over by the monorail stairs has been a spot to rest and simply watch, many times.

  • I used to love Tom Sawyer’s Island, especially the Smuggler’s Cove, before it became Pirate’s Lair. On a nice, quiet misty morning, it felt just like you were on the Mississippi 150 years ago.

  • Snow White’s Grotto is a peaceful spot, but for me, it’s the Sailing Ship Columbia. Riding on deck with the sun on your face, the wind in your hair…wish I was there right now!

  • The best “resting” Place to Watch the Crowds Go By: The Porch on Main Street USA

    Best quiet places to relax in the parks:
    1. Downstairs by the Country Bear Restaurant.. feeding ducks and watching the boats cruise by.
    2. At the Wishing Well next to the Castle (where I proposed to my wife 13 years ago this Jan!)
    3. Sitting on the Dock across from Big Thunder
    4. Taking a ride around the park on the Disneyland Railroad.

    Best Place outside the parks to quietly cool down: The lobby of the Grand CA. Either on the ground floor, outside in the rocking chairs, or on the second floor ‘right above’ the check-in desks, where there’s a “secret” 2nd lobby of over-sized chairs. There’s free WiFi, and plenty of quiet to relax in.
    Best Place outside the parks to quietly warm up: The rocking chairs in the lobby, or outside, next to the large fireplace, at the Grand CA

    All n all there are plenty of “quiet moment” places throughout the parks, Downtown Disney and the Resort Hotels. Just peak around and you’ll find them. They are the places with an empty seat and nothing but quiet going on. So rest your feet, catch a quick 5min nap… and… relax… ahhhhhhh….. 😉

  • The Carnation Plaza! So quaint!

  • I’ve always enjoyed the very top of the Tarzan (formerly Swiss Family Robinson) Treehouse and the east shore of Tom Sawyer’s Island, away from the crowds.

  • Mine are two of the ones mention in this post;

    I love the Court des Anges in New Orleans Square!

    And my newest favorite quite spot is the lower deck of the Silly Symphony Swings attraction

  • The Central Plaza, around the Partners Statue

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