The Votes Are In: Maleficent Has the ‘Lair of Scare’

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

The Votes are In: Maleficent has the ‘Lair of Scare’

Last week, we asked you which Disney Villain has the creepiest “Lair of Scare,” and you chose Maleficent. And who can really beat thorns, fire and a dragon, right? The votes are now open for the next Wicked Gooey Apple Award and this time we want to know which Disney Villain has received the best punishment. The “Curses! Foiled Again!” Category awards classic comeuppance – when years of determination are foiled by a prince or a pixie, or when you find yourself at the bottom of a thorn-filled ravine, trapped in a lamp or left to wrestle a crocodile. Which Disney Villain do you think truly got his or her just desserts? Vote now at!


  • The “Curse, Foiled Again” Award…hmmmmmmmmm…. I’d say my vote would go to Dr.Facilier. He gets punished with his own voodoo 🙂

  • Where is the list for the 17th annual event? I don’t see it!

  • Maleficent is perfect. She is the best. Also awesome in Fantasmic both in Disney World and Disneyland. Awesome pick

  • Randell in Monsters Inc. Landing in the trailer. it was an awesome twist!

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