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Be Our Guest Restaurant Kids’ Menu Treats Little Ones to Grown-Up Tastes at Magic Kingdom Park

With no chicken fingers or burgers in sight, the Be Our Guest Restaurant kids’ menu features delicious options that let kids dine like grown-ups. But you can be sure that the Disney chefs have made the flavors friendly.

“We’re making the ketchup from scratch using carrots,” said Walt Disney World Executive Chef Lenny DeGeorge. “And the meatloaf also has vegetables and bulghur wheat, so kids are getting their vegetables and whole grains and don’t even realize it.”
Roasted Pulled Pork from the Kids’ Menu at Be Our Guest Restaurant in Magic Kingdom Park

Along with the turkey meatloaf shaped like Mickey Mouse, the kids’ lunch menu includes a carved turkey sandwich on multi-grain bread, with sweet potato wedges instead of fries and peach applesauce for a touch of sweetness. There’s also roasted pulled pork with sautéed green beans and sweet potato mash. Pasta lovers will like the whole-grain macaroni with marinara and mozzarella, and if your kid will try the fish, they’ll love the mild-flavored mahi-mahi served with a “salad” of broccoli, cucumber sticks and grape tomatoes (perfect to eat with their fingers!) and peach applesauce.

Dinner adds a child-sized grilled steak with fresh vegetables, grilled fish of the day with whole-grain rice pilaf and fresh vegetables, a grilled chicken breast with macaroni topped with marinara and mozzarella with fresh veggies, and the turkey meatloaf and whole-grain macaroni with marinara and mozzarella.

Yes, you still can request French fries. And each meal comes with 1 percent milk, bottled water or 100 percent apple juice.

Kids get treated to a grown-up dessert – either a fancy cupcake or cream puff. We bet you can get little ones to eat their veggies when they know these delectable sweet endings are next.

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  • Wonderful change of pace. I am hoping that Disney establishes this as the new type of kids menu – not all kids like chicken nuggets, pizza and pasta all the time. These little people want some grown up taste from time to time. A big thank you to those who created this menu!

  • Thank you for making real food for the kids! My older daughter’s taste buds aged out of most of the Disney kids menus by the time she was 7. Some of the restaurants were good enough to serve her kids size portions of adult meals at the kid’s meal prices. I think it is wonderful that there are restaurants serving kids more than nuggets and macaroni and cheese. She is now almost a teenager, as tall as me, and eats full adult portions, but it is fantastic to know that my younger daughter has better option! Cheers to the chefs and we will see you for lunch WDW Marathon weekend!

  • really wish there were a few more vegetarian options available for guests in general, as there has really been a huge development in the parks with options for vegetarians in general, which has been super exciting and has made eating at WDW a lot more fun! That said, we are very excited for our reservation that we waited 2 hours on the phone to get! hahaha

  • Look forward to our reservations, can you tell me what is on the Gluten Free menu, at Be Our Guest??

  • I’m thrilled to see this. My three year old loves a wide variety of different foods, and I’m glad that the Be Our Guest children’s menu offers something beyond chicken nuggets and pizza. We’ll be there for lunch in seven weeks, and we can’t wait!

  • Glad to see this direction for kid’s menu. My Daughter usually splits an adult meal with us at table service anyway to avoid the generic kids meal options at other restaurants on property. Kudos Disney on knocking this out of the park! (no pun intended)

  • Are there going to be any vegan options? I would really love to go but most of the places don’t have anything vegan 🙁

  • Where’s the “grey stuff”? I understand it’s delicious!…at least that’s what the dishes say.

  • This is fantastic, and I hope to see more of these types of “grown-up” options on kids menus all over Disney World! My son, who is 4, has been raised to eat the same foods Mommy and Daddy eat–his first solid food meal was spanikopita and hummus with pita! I’ve been a bit dismayed at the fact that the majority of the options (and sometimes the only options) on kids menus are chicken nuggets and mac and cheese. The Be Our Guest Menu looks amazing, and I look forward to taking my son there one day in the future. My only regret is that the restaurant won’t be open for our first family trip to Disney World next week! 🙂

  • When is this magnificently fantastic restaurant opening? My mouth is watering already!

  • Love the new menu…not all of us have kids that only want chicken nuggets or pb&j’s (i’m glad those options are there but hate it when that’s all you see venue after venue). My kids and now my granddaughter have been raised to be adventurous eaters so thank you for the options.

  • Will adults be able to order from that menu? It looks amazing! (especially to this picky adult.)

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