Another Collectible Mug from Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar at the Disneyland Hotel

Our favorite witch doctor/mixologist has conjured up new mugs just in time for the holidays – Trader Sam worked overtime and made sure each one was shrunk with utmost care. Order your Shrunken Zombie Head cocktail, a mixture of reserve and aged rums, tropical juices, sweet Falernum and cinnamon, and carry home the collectible mug. The cost is $17.50.
Shrunken Zombie Head Mug from Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar at the Disneyland Hotel

This shrunken head joins the Barrel mug and Uh-Oa bowl exclusively at Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar. If you need a refreshing break from civilization, make your way through the jungle to the Disneyland Hotel. Just remember, watch your head!

Look below for more updates about dining at the Disneyland Resort:


  • i was told by an employee that they will get more at the end of the month, but i’ll keep checking back 😉

  • I bought one of the last mugs on Oct 30th. Was at the bar on Tues Nov 6th and they were still out of the mug… But the bar was fun!!!

  • Awesome! Too bad the Uh-Oa bowl was out of stock…at least when I was there. TS and its theming is first rate.

  • Unfortunately, they’re already sold out of this mug. It only lasted about four days, when it came out the day before Halloween. I feel sorry for the staff of SAMs who’s going to be bombarded now due to this article going out. Seems like you’d wait until they had them back in stock.

  • Do annual Passholders get a discount on the price of the mug ?

  • They had run out of them when I was there on Saturday, but was told that more would be coming in later. Are they a limited edition? Thanks!

  • Trader sam has a killer deal for you… any 2 of his heads for one of yours… any way you slice it, dice it, cut it or chop it, you are sure to come out ahead!

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