Then and Now: Celebrating 58 Years at the Disneyland Resort, Part 1

Kevin Rafferty, Jr.

by , Communications, WDI

The Disneyland Resort marks 58 years of history, change and growth on its anniversary next week, July 17. Through the years, one aspect of the Disneyland Resort that remains unchanged is the importance of our cast members to preserving Walt Disney’s vision.

To celebrate the anniversary on the Disney Parks Blog, this is the first of a three-part series blending historical images of our cast with photos of those who carry on Walt’s legacy today.

Then Creole Café, Now Café Orleans

Then: Walt Disney poses for a photo with cast members at the Creole Café, now Café Orleans, in 1966.

Now: Café Orleans Lead Tammy Peterson poses in the same spot. She recalls, “As a kid, we would have to do chores to earn money to get to Disneyland. Now, I get to bring my grandkids.”


  • Oh,what a wonderful use of technology. I know Uncle Walt would have loved this one!!

  • This is a big part of the magic and poignancy of Disneyland. The respect and nurturing of the history of the park and its attractions are what keep bringing people back and making them feel young. So much in our lives has disappeared or changed beyond recognition; when we revisit many places of our youth, we feel old because they are unrecognizable. Thank you for keeping Disneyland mostly the same so we can travel back in time and feel young again!

  • Awesome! Being 1 month older than Disneyland – I find this so interesting ~

  • What a great image. Has that coffee maker remained in that same spot all these years?

    Speaking of 58th Anniversary any special TV programs airing this week? Personally I think a nice tradition would be to show the opening telecast (or a portion) every year on the 17th on the Disney Channel… or ABC.

    • Hi Matthew – The same espresso machine is still in-residence at Café Orleans. Check out George’s post to learn more.

  • Great idea! Walt had donuts delivered to his office at the studio every day, and it’s interesting to see his pastry choices here in 1966. My friend in the Disney Studio Mail Room, used to go to his office every day and get a fresh one while delivering his mail back in 1953.

  • WOW, amazing photo! I so wish I could be enjoying coffee and dessert with Walt!

  • This is such a cool idea for a series. Looking forward to seeing more.

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