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Chef Marcel St. Pierre New at Helm of Steakhouse 55 in Disneyland Hotel

It’s a homecoming of sorts for Chef Marcel St. Pierre at Steakhouse 55 at the Disneyland Hotel at Disneyland Resort. When he started his Disney career in 2000, he was a young chef at Granville’s Steakhouse, now Steakhouse 55. “It’s full circle, but this time I’m leading the entire team at the Disneyland Hotel,” he says with a smile.


Making the transition from Club 33 to Steakhouse 55 has been fun, says Marcel. “I thrive on keeping the wheels in motion,” he says. “My team and I always are thinking of new dishes – for nightly specials, weekly or seasonal.”

Filet at Steakhouse 55 in Disneyland Hotel Lobster Tail at Steakhouse 55 in Disneyland Hotel

But of course the signature dishes will always be there. The perfectly cooked steaks remain the centerpiece – from a buttery filet to the bone-in ribeye with the restaurant’s signature rub. Lamb, pork and chicken are on the menu, along with lobster tail, salmon and sustainable fish. And Chef Marcel agrees that the decadent potato stack au gratin is the perfect side (plus fresh broccoli or sauteed spinach if you want something green).

Chef Marcel can’t imagine himself anywhere but the kitchen. “I enjoy the creativity, and meeting new guests as well as catching up with regulars,” he says. “And I love the flow of the kitchen – and even the occasional chaos.”

And when he’s not in the kitchen, you might find him with a fishing pole – next to spending time with his family, fishing is his favorite pastime. “Growing up, my Uncle Charlie fished for smelt every Thursday morning, and in the evening the whole family would get together to enjoy them freshly pan fried.” For Chef Marcel, a day on the water is the perfect balance to the bustle of the kitchen.

“Most of all, I enjoy putting my feet up at the end of a long night and feeling a sense of accomplishment,” he says. “Knowing my team and I worked hard to make it a success.”


  • Congrats to Chef Marcel St. Pierre! I am a frequent guest of this gem of a restaurant at the Disneyland Resort. In fact, I’m going this Saturday. The veteran servers, all of whom I know well, are excited about their new chef.

    Steakhouse 55 is truly a gem at the Disneyland Resort. The only restaurant on property that I can compare it to in terms of the level of quality AND service is Napa Rose.

    My one disappointment, however, has been the name change from Granville’s Steakhouse to Steakhouse 55. It was an historical name, and I think it would’ve best been left alone.

  • Having been away from the Anaheim parks for the past 4 years, I wonder, what ever happened to Jason Martin, the executive chef at Steakhouse 55 for many years? He was a tremendous talent, especially when he was able to create his own menus for the short-lived Disneyland Resort Food & Wine Festivals (2006-2010).

  • My big question is….will Chef Marcel be adding the famous mac and cheese from Club 33 to Steakhouse 55?

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