Dateline Adventureland: Lost Holiday Shipment Found Aboard the Jingle Cruise at Disneyland Park

Happy holidays, adventurers! You may recall from my last dispatch that an important holiday shipment has been lost in the jungles of Adventureland at Disneyland park. I’ve got good news to report today – the shipment has been found! Well, sort of …


As you can see, all the holiday cheer that was supposed to be delivered to the Jungle Cruise skippers is now being appropriated by the animals of the jungle. Only one thing to do … turn the Jungle Cruise into the Jingle Cruise!


Looks like those fruitcakes aren’t going anywhere anytime soon … good thing they last for so long!


And I don’t think those stockings are being hung by anyone’s chimney this year.

So keep an eye out this holiday season, adventurers! There are even more misplaced yule tide trappings to find as you “jungle all the way” through the Jingle Cruise – now through January 6, 2015, at Disneyland park.


  • Tallahassee, you and the skippers deserve a hearty helping of eggnog with this one. Last year the amount of holiday jingleness on the cruise left us wanting more, this year looks a lot merrier. Happy Holidays!

  • Are these pictures for real? Last year the Jungle got just enough Christmas. This year it looks like things went a little “overboard”.

  • Did they find a lost shipment of Juju from August? I need to complete my collection.

  • Excited to go on the jingle cruise on my upcoming trip to Disneyland!

  • Looks like an improvement from last year, I’m looking forward to riding. 🙂

  • Saw Walt Disney World’s version last week for first time, really liked it. Bought the special t-shirt online. Now that I am seeing Disneyland’s version I am just….. wow! More decorations, better details…. wish WDW’s version was as good as Disneyland’s.
    I love holiday overlays!

  • I love the new additions to the Jingle Cruise.

  • Love these additions to the Jingle Cruise. Look forward to seeing

  • I love that there is even more jingle in the jungle this year!

    Thanks for the report on the lost holiday shipment, Tallahassee! 🙂

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