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Every Role a Starring Role – Hotel Programs Coordinator

Melanie Vogel

by , Disneyland Resort

Did you know that guests staying at any of the three Disneyland Resort hotels have an opportunity to participate in fun, exclusive activities? Hotel Programs Coordinator Dave Lay and his team work together to create and facilitate these unique experiences for our hotel guests, including learning to drawing Mickey Mouse and morning power walks through Disney California Adventure park, before it’s open to day guests! Watch how Dave leads hotel guests through these one-of-a-kind activities in this “Every Role a Starring Role!”


  • These are great ‘pluses’. I’d look forward to the power walk.

  • Doing the morning power walk with Dave is one of my favorite activities and I am looking forward to taking advantage of more of the hotel programs on our trip in December.

  • This is great – I didn’t know about most of this and I’ve been a guest at all three DLR hotels over the years. We’ll be at the Grand Californian at the end of January and I will definitely ask about the hotel tour (and maybe the power walk if my feet aren’t too tired from touring the parks!). Thanks for the information!

  • Do they still have the early Build a Bear Party?

  • I never knew about these tours! Is there any way to find out about them in advance? (I can’t find anything on the website.) Or is all this info in the packet we get handed at registration?

    I admit that by the time we get through with registration and unpack our bags, we tend to immediately (a) head to Downtown Disney or (b) take a nap, depending on what travel was like–we don’t tend to read through the papers you give us. 😉

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