Chilling Challenge: What’s Hiding Inside the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland Park?

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios


Now that Jack Skellington has given the Haunted Mansion back to its 999 happy haunts, the classic attraction is open once again for Disneyland park guests. And those with a keen eye will notice something strange when they leave the mansion and enter its spooky cemetery on their Doom Buggies … but what disquieting metamorphosis is happening in this space? Leave your guesses in the comments and I’ll tell you as soon as this specter receives your sympathetic vibrations and is ready to materialize!


  • Any NEW news? 😉

  • Hey! What happened to the excitement?! Way to let me down Erin! It’s April now!!!

  • When will this be announced? I was there on Monday and the only thing I did notice was a new window (back-lit) on the right side right after you get out of the attic.

  • OMG, If it’s the Hatbox Ghost, I’m going to fly with beautiful abandon into the sunset 😀

  • Please bring The Hatbox Ghost back for the 60th so the ride can be as intended. I still have my storybook record with him in it and was so sad he wasn’t there during my first visit. Please oh please!

  • So excited to find out!!

  • Erin–When exactly will the new spirit make its debut? In May, perhaps?

  • When you exit the ride, you will get your picture taken with the ghost and be able to purchase as you go through the Haunted mansion store.

  • Hat box was there when when the mansion first started so he would be included in the 999 haunts but with him gone they really have room for two more !!!!!!!!!

  • I’m guessing it’s an Eddie Murphy animatronic

  • Is it the bat that’s flying away in the hologram?

  • So it’s NOT the Hatbox Ghost, but you’re NOT going to tell us what it is?

    Is it the Hatbox Ghost??

    • We definitely will, Todd – just at a later time. Stay tuned!


  • I noticed a few thing when I went on twice 1 there are now to hidden mickeys on the table 2 there is a window 3 there are cats on the grave and 4 there seem to be more ghost at the end before u leave the grave yard

  • As you exit the Attic there is currently a facade of a window with what looks like a Bat in it. As the doom buggies take you backwards down the ramp to the graveyard the outside of the Mansion which was not visible (or just painted black) is now there with 2 large windows but you can’t see much as some tall scary trees have grown to block your vision.

  • Changing the Hitchhiking Ghosts to interactive projections. I.e. like the Floraida version.

  • Teri– The word “chilling” was used in the post’s title “Chilling Challenge” which is a reference to a line of dialogue that the Ghost Host says in the stretching room.

  • If its not the Hatbox ghost, I strongly encourage you to go back to the drawing board and make it the Hatbox ghost. 🙂

  • Well, I’m with everybody else. I certainly hope it’s hatbox. They wouldn’t tease us like this and make is zero would they?? Nahh. Creating some back story for him would be fun as well. Maybe his tombstone in the cemetary

  • If it’s not The Hatbox Ghost ….. gonna be a lot of disappointed people !

  • Erin did say something “chilling”…please don’t tell us there’s a frozen element. My friends just reported that there is a balcony right before the graveyard, that wasn’t there before.

  • Of course I hope it’s the Hatbox Ghost, but honestly, I just can’t wait to be at Disneyland again and see for myself!

  • Hatbox Elsa?

  • The Hatbox Ghost is coming home at long last!

  • The Haunted Mansion has always boasted “999 happy haunts with room for 1,000.” If a new specter is about to materialize, does that mean the Mansion will officially be full? Or has it only contained 998 ghosts all these years?

    • Great point, Robyn … perhaps he (or she) has always been there, just not visible to us? What a mystery …

  • Master Gracey?

  • I’m going to join the band wagon and agree with everyone… Hatbox Ghost! But I also would love to see the Suit of Armor come to life as well!

  • I’m gonna be terrible.

    Initially, I’d say Hatbox.
    There’s one ghost in the cemetery that is still invisible.
    So I’ll say,

    (Teapot that is being poured by invisible ghost)

    Oh yeah, I went there.

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