Making the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration Christmas Tree Dazzle

Holidays at the Disneyland Resort begins November 13, and preparations have been underway since the beginning of the month to bring extra dazzle to this year’s celebration. Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting the incredibly talented Resort Enhancement Team at our warehouse just a few miles down the road. For this team, Christmas is year-round and they don’t seem to get tired of it! Just like Santa’s elves, they work hard to make the holidays magical. So, follow me behind the scenes and watch as they put the finishing touches on our Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration Christmas tree.


  • Can you buy these ornaments in the park?

  • The decorations look great. 🙂

  • I love what you’ve done, especially as Blue is my favourite colour. It looks great with the silver and the purple. I’m sure everyone will enjoy the new look to celebrate the 60th anniversary. Merry Christmas from Australia.

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