Richard M. Sherman’s Tribute to Walt Disney in ‘Disneyland Forever’ Fireworks at Disneyland Park

Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing Disney Legend Richard M. Sherman again, this time for his work on the “Disneyland Forever” fireworks, new for the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration. It’s such an honor every time I get a chance to chat with him. He’s as nice as you would imagine! This time I joined him and Broadway star Ashely Brown in a recording studio in Hollywood, Calif. Ashley had just flown in from New York to record Mr. Sherman’s latest masterpiece, “A Kiss Goodnight.” He wrote it for the new fireworks show, set to debut to guests on Friday, May 22, at Disneyland park. It’s a beautiful song, and Ashley has such a beautiful voice. I also learned that there’s a special reason why Richard chose the words, “A Kiss Goodnight,” and he explains in the video. Enjoy!


  • Will there be a cd released with the new songs?

  • What a wonderful tribute that beautiful song is. I’m such a fan of Ashley Brown (and Mr. Sherman too, of course). Will the recording of this song ever be available to download? Please??

  • Amazing and beautiful that Richard Sherman is still around to have done this! I hope to meet him one day.

  • Please tell me that there is going to be a CD of music released for this wonderful celebration that include this song as well as parade music. It would be so special for those of us who cannot make it to the celebrations to have a little piece of magic and for those who fortunate enough to have a way of bring back the Magic. I still play the music from Walt’s 100th birthday celebration.

  • I am getting choked up just listening to Richard explain the motivation. Thank you for posting this.

  • Is there any chance they might stream the celebration, for those Disney fans that will not be able to make it to DL?

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