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Disney Grand Adventures Week on ‘Wheel of Fortune’

Tony Shepherd

by , Producer, Broadcast Marketing

There are many partners that we work with at Disney – but it’s no secret that “Wheel of Fortune” is one of our favorites. So, we’re very excited to announce “Disney Grand Adventures Week” on “Wheel,” beginning tomorrow night!

The shows feature fantastic prize trips to both Walt Disney World Resort and the Disneyland Resort – a pretty good reminder that it’s time for you to be thinking about planning your next magical vacation, right? Plus, you’ll see Grandparents who are all big Disney fans, clever puzzles, and many more surprises. And… there’s even a chance for you and your gang to win a magical Grand Adventure at Walt Disney World Resort, just for tuning in! (Details on that are here.)

We were thrilled to host Pat, Vanna and the whole “Wheel” Crew here at Walt Disney World Resort this summer, when we filmed all new content for this year’s shows.

And, because I know you love it when we can “lift the curtain” and give you a behind-the-scenes look at Production … here we go!

These spectacular photographs were taken during the shoot in July by “Wheel of Fortune” Photographer Carol Kaelson. They’ll give you a true “insider’s look” at just how many people it takes to make “television magic.” (And, yes, that’s yours truly sharing some of my favorite Disney Trivia with Pat and Vanna. But be sure you look closely. You just might see a favorite character from Disney’s Animal Kingdom lurking amongst the trees.)


Disney Grand Adventures Week on 'Wheel of Fortune'

Of course, after a fantastic time here in Florida, it was time to pack it up and head to California to tape the shows. And, yes … Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy were with us, as well. Here’s one more sneak peek, as the Gang shot a fun scene that will open tomorrow night’s episode.

Disney Grand Adventures Week on 'Wheel of Fortune'

Disney Grand Adventure Week on “Wheel of Fortune” begins tomorrow, September 26, and continues through September 30. As the old saying goes … check your local listings for time and channel. Buy a vowel!

(One last thing. I would never dream of giving anything away. But, just between us, don’t be surprised to see even more Disney fun ahead this season on “Wheel.” No one will know I told you, right?)


  • Would love to win and take my grandkids?????

  • I would love to take my great grandchildren to Disney world they are at the age where they would love it and I myself am a big kid at heart. I would love to see there faces light up when they saw all the wonderful things there. My husband and I are on a fixed income and the children’s parents cannot afford to take them. I know it is a wish of mine but I will continue to wish upon a star.

  • Do we have to sign in somewhere EVERY night this week to try to win a trip with our grandkids? Where and When?

  • I would love to win a trip to Disney Grand Adventures for my Grandson. He is at a good age to truly remember and have a great time. Disney brings out the child in everyone especially when you see it threw a child’s eyes. 🙂

  • I would love to take my grandson and his parents to Disneyland! It would be a once in s life time adventure for all of us. My son is in the United States Coast Guard and a trip to Disneyland with his family would mean the world to him!

  • Would give anything to take my grand kids to Disney World, I’m a kid at heart and love Disney World and would love to take them for the memories. Think that’s what you should do with the grand kids, give them memories. Good luck to all , best wishes and God Bless.

  • To be able to take my grandkids on a vacation that they will never forget ever after we are gone is priceless they have never had a vacation their parents live paycheck to paycheck and sometimes that is not enough I love them and what a surprise it would be to say lets go to Disney.

  • I would love to take my grandbabies to Disney World. Due to my income I can’t see this in my future. Disabled but still blessed. Just a thought that I chose to share. Maybe one day, but for now just a dream. Good luck to everyone. God bless

  • Would like k to o. How to win a trip to Disney world or disneyland. I love Goofy

  • Shouldn’t this have been posted under WDW…since all of the pics taken are from Walt Disney World?

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