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First Look at Disney MaxPass Coming July 19 to Disneyland Resort

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

UPDATE: The purchase price for Disney MaxPass has changed. Please visit for the latest pricing information.

Last week, we told you that Disney MaxPass will launch tomorrow, July 19, at Disneyland Resort. Here’s a first look and a handy how-to guide for Disney MaxPass!

Click here for more information on Disney MaxPass.


  • Bought the max pass this past Thursday. Although it was a little helpful, what was frustrating was that you can only reserve one fast pass at a time. Normally you can hold two fast passes (one for each park) at the same time. Although you would need to walk to both parks, thus spending more energy to reserve those fast passes, at least you don’t have to wait 2 hours to get the second one. Also, fastpasses for attractions like world of color and fantasmic, normally separate from the regular fast pass system (meaning you do not need to wait the 2 hours to get them) we’re not available using the app. So overall, it was a little convenient in the sense that I was able to select fast passes for rides without having to walk over to them (with the exception of the world of color and fantasmic fast passes) but not really worth the money when you end up having to still walk to get half your fast passes because you don’t want to have to wait 2 hours. The only way this makes sense is if you take advantage of the unlimited photo passes, but we weren’t really interested in standing in extra lines just for pictures. So for us, it was a waste of money

  • My daughter and I have been trying out MaxPass for the past three days. We literally sprint from one attraction to another… We love it! The only issue would be that our bodies aren’t used of this amount of strenuous exercise. We recommend Bandaids, Advil, and extra bottles of water if you want to go full-Disney with this amazing pass.

  • Hey! I was wondering about the photopass on MaxPass. I’m going with family who probably won’t buy the additional MaxPass (or at least most), however I’m VERY interested in getting one for the photos. I wouldn’t want to be in pictures by myself though, so can they be in some of the photos with me if they don’t have a MaxPass? Or at least like one of them?

  • Are there any new updates coming soon?
    The app still isn’t working with the latest iOS 11 Beta.

  • So, to recap……is there no way for AP holders to buy just one day of MAxpass to try it out before shelling out 75 p/p for the year? It seems that its a huge investment when you don’t really know how useful it is.

  • Me and my wife will be going in 2 weeks , do both of us have to get the max pass or do only one of us have to purchase a daily max pass for us to use it , we are annual pass holders

  • Will RunDisney PhotoPass photos be available for download if you purchase MaxPass that day?

  • Hi Lorefel. You can purchase MaxPass in advance as part of a ticket purchase. However, I believe you can only add MaxPass to an existing ticket or AP either in app on site, or at the ticket booth (the $75 add on for APs has to be done at a ticket booth, if I am correct).

    As for when you can make your first MaxPass reservations, it is immediately after you use your admission ticket to get into the park through a turnstile, either DCA or Disneyland. This applies to everyone in your “FastPass Party”. They must all have purchased MaxPass, and then go through the turnstiles with their admission media being scanned.

    At that point, your tickets are “live” in the system and can be used with MaxPass. Otherwise the app will come up with “Are all of your party members in the park?” and give you the option to remove linked tickets who are NOT in the park from your FastPass Party.

    So bottom line: your whole group needs to have MaxPass and be in one of the parks (through the turnstile) and THEN you can start making reservations. You’re going to see a lot of people pausing inside the areas right past the turnstiles making their first MaxPass ressies.

  • Can you purchase MaxPass in advance or only for the day that you’re actually at the park? I guess what I’m trying to get at is how soon can we make the reservations? Is it a race to who signs on the earliest on the App? Can we get a MaxPass and schedule a ride as soon as the park opens? How about early bird access? Thanks in advance.

  • Liz & Aaron – Important to note that any current Signature annual pass holder will continue to receive the PhotoPass benefit when they renew. It will not be removed from those who currently have it. However, if you let it expire or purchase new (or upgrade from a lower AP to Signature only), it will not include PhotoPass.

    PhotoPass was even removed from Signature Plus & Premiere. However, MaxPass was added, so technically it is still included for those levels (just through the MaxPass benefit.)

  • Hi Julio. MaxPass subscription for Annual Passholders is $75 per person, and it is not pro-rated. Whether you have 6 months, 3 months, or 2 weeks left on your AP, it is still $75 and will expire when your AP expires. No, you cannot add a MaxPass subscription into your monthly payments for an existing AP – it is due at time of purchase of MaxPass. However, I believe when you renew (or purchase new), you can have the entire price of the AP with MaxPass subscription included figured into the monthly payments.

    Think of it this way: monthly payments can only be set up when you initially buy or renew an Annual Pass (that’s when you sign that payment agreement). Anything added – even upgrades to a higher level AP – must be paid for at the time of the upgrade. (For example, our son had already used 6 months of his Signature AP and recently upgraded to Sig Plus. It cost him the difference between the two passes – $200 – with no pro-rate, and was due immediately at the ticket booth where he made the upgrade.)

  • Michelle, I would suggest getting the kids lanyards to place their admission tickets in (the kind with the clear laminated zip pouch at the end. They can simply scan through the plastic the bar code on their admission ticket to redeem their FastPass reservation if not with you (and your phone with the app). They can also reserve new FastPasses by using the traditional kiosks, or you can make separate reservations for them using MaxPass; just check only their names when making the reservations if you or others in your “FastPass Party” don’t want to be in that specific reservation.

  • Me and my wife are annual pass holders, so if we purchase the max pass to be linked to our passes is that a $75 per person and is that that payable all at one time or monthly payments like the passes? . Also what will happen when we have to renew or annua passes next year ? Do we have to get the max pass again at that time
    Or it will expire a year from the time of purchase

  • Danielle – You can buy full year access for $75. For 8 passes, that would be $600. Still a bit painful, but better than $2000. There will also still be the regular fastpass system where you go to the kiosks and get passes in person, which will still be free.

  • I am the only one who carries a phone in the park, my children don’t carry theirs due to water (and all 4 don’t have one). Say, for example, we have fast passes to different attractions at the same time, and again, I’m the only one in our family of 6 who is carrying a phone. How would that work?

  • I purchased several Deluxe and Signature (Premium that continued) passes for my family. Does that mean that I will have to pay an additional $10 per each person, up to 8 people, for each time we go to the park? If we go twice a month, that is almost 2000 bucks extra added onto the already hefty price of an Annual Pass. Why such a cost here, and the magic band at Disney World is free but works the same way??

  • The way the current app works, you have to scan your phone multiple times for each person in your party. Do you think this can be improved in a future update to be able to only scan once to admit an entire party. That would help speed up check in process which is currently causing major delays.

  • Hi Gabriela, as long as you have a ticket that allows Park Hopping (meaning you can visit both parks that same day), then you can make MaxPass reservations for either park, regardless of which park you are in. Yes, you can make a reservation for Guardians while you are in line at Space Mountain! You do have to be in one or the other park to make reservations, though, of course. If you only have a single park ticket, then once you’re in the park you chose, your MaxPass will only show reservations allowed for that one park, not the other.

  • Hi Armando. The MaxPass benefit is linked to the admission ticket of each person, not the app. So if you decide to leave for the day, but your spouse (for example) decides to stay, they can bring up their own app, link their admission ticket. It should show their MaxPass already purchased and they can use it like shown. Shouldn’t be a problem at all.

    Remember – it’s all linked to the admission ticket, not the app. From what I understand, you can even have a single ticket linked on multiple phones (for example each person might have the app with just their ticket, but “Dad” might have all the tickets linked on his phone to make a “FastPass Party” and make it easier to make all the reservations at the same time, keeping the group together. But that doesn’t preclude “Son” making his own MaxPass reservation on his app, and “Daughter” doing to same on hers. They will all show on Dad’s app as well, so he can’t duplicate reservations, and if he makes reservations for the party, their apps will show those reservations as well. It’s very well thought out and very cool!

  • Hi Oleg, you’ll notice in the video check marks next to each person’s name in your FastPass party. Simply uncheck those who you don’t want to make a reservation for. For example, if there are 4 in your party, you can make reservations for 1, 2, 3 or all 4 people. Once you make a ressie, you can then go back and make another for those you did not. Make a fastpass ressie for 2 people for Matterhorn, then go back and make another for the other 2 at Space Mountain. The app keeps track of all the reservations, and all the same rules still apply. Note that you can scan in at the attraction with either your phone OR your admission ticket/AP, so those two who go off with their own fastpass times and you’re keeping your phone with you, then can just use their admission tickets to scan in at the attraction.

  • Do I have to be inside CA Adventure to obtain a fastpass for an attraction in that park, or can I be inside Disneyland, and get a fastpass, for let’s say, California Screamin’?

  • The cost would be $300 for 6 of us with a 5 day pass. This cost outweighs the benefit. If we were annual passholders, the cost would be $450, so that would be worth it.

  • As a fan and travel agent I would hope for more consistency betwen both US parks. From the video this seems a bit complicate compared to WDW system. Also what if the person thta has the phone and app decides to leave the park?

  • Mitchell: I believe app updates for all devices will be tomorrow when Maxpass begins.

    Oleg: It looks like whatever tickets you add to the app as a group are stuck together….similar to WDW Fastpass+. I would suggest if anyone in your party wants the freedom, to install the app and create their own account and manage their own FPs.

    Kaitlyn: I believe so. Maxpass is part of the overall FP system, so whether you obtain your FP at a kiosk or through the app, redeeming the FP can be done with your ticket or through the app. Pretty sure the barcodes on the app are going to be the same as on your park tickets. It’s already been said that even if you don’t purchase Maxpass and you link your park ticket through the app that you can still redeem your FP through the app as well as cancel them. You just won’t be able to obtain them through the app.

  • This is pretty neat! However I have a question regarding the new disney MaxPass. The blog post states signature plus annual pass holders will receive Disney MaxPass at no additional cost, as part of their annual passport entitlement. I renewed my Signature annual pass a few months ago and the photo service was included with my signature AP. Do I still need to pay the $75 dollars to add the max pass to my AP even though the photo service was included when I renewed my pass/contract? Will I be grandfathered in until the next time I renew my pass?

  • Erin – I know several of us Signature pass holders expressed concern on the pricing of the Max Pass. Have there been any talks about discounting Max Pass, since Signature holders already receive the photo downloads or including it as an entitlement? Thank you in advance!

  • How am I supposed to be able to do this from my windows device? I contacted customer service at the beginning of this year and was told there would be a Windows version by this time.

    • Disney MaxPass is available for OS and Android systems at this time

  • I have a question not addressed in the video or instructions link. If I have a group on my MaxPass phone, and only 2 people want to go on one attraction, and 2 others want to go on a different attraction, can I manage FastPasses like that in MaxPass? Or does the group always have to have the same FastPass for the same attraction?

    • You can split a group to choose a FASTPASSES for a certain attractions. If two people want to go to one attraction, you would select those two names and choose a FASTPASS for them, then select the second two people and select a FASTPASS for them.

  • Will you be able to scan other tickets into the app such as Mickey’s Halloween Party? Will Maxpass be offered for that and if we’re already planning to be in the parks that morning, would we still have Maxpass in the evening during the party? Another question, do you have to complete the fastpass to get another one started? Previously, you could pull another fastpass when the current one’s time had started.

    Glad for the single scan option for Fastpasses. It was always a bit of a scramble to get all our tickets out.

  • Based on this video, in order to redeem a fastpass, we all scan through the app. Are we still also able to use the barcode on our physical ticket when returning to an attraction?

    • Kaitlyn – Please see the correction to my previously posted response.

      If you associated a ticket with the app, you can scan either the app or the park ticket, whether you have a paper FASTPASS or Disney MaxPass.

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