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Every Role a Starring Role – Urban Forester, Horticulture & Resort Enhancement at Disneyland Resort

Kevin Rafferty, Jr.

by , Communications, WDI

Disneyland Resort horticulture helps create and maintain the wonderful natural landscape that brings our stories to life! The resort’s Urban Forester, Rhonda Wood, oversees a team that cares for the trees that cover hundreds of acres of the resort, carrying on a vision that started with Disney Legend Bill Evans. From the picturesque Tabebuia trees at the Partners statue in Disneyland park, to the smuggler’s outpost of Batuu, Evans’s vision of having the landscape be an active part of our storytelling lives on today.


  • What kind of tree is near the Haunted Mansion FastPass distribution? It’s really interesting and looks somewhat like a Santa Cruz Island Ironwood. Or is it a False Aralia? Also is there any possibility of bringing back the plants of Disneyland tour. I’d love to learn more! thanks!

  • I have absolutely loved every aspect of how immersed one feels when they step into a Disneyland Resort and the horticulture is one of the biggest facets of that. I am actually redoing our front yard and was wanting to incorporate roses that you use in Fantasyland. Are you at liberty to share the exact names of them so that I could bring a little Disneyland horticulture home and to my neighborhood?

  • As a certified arborist, this would be my dream job, working at Disneyland.

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