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Introducing A New Palette of Visual Arts Programs to Disney Youth Education Series

Jessica Gunderson

by , Marketing Strategy Manager

Are you ready to “draw” out your inner artist? We are excited to introduce a new palette of visual arts programs to our Disney Youth Education Series lineup! Beginning this fall, students will be able to learn techniques in animation, photography, drawing, and painting from professional artists. 

Discover the art behind the magic with a look at our new programs:

The Secrets of Drawing Disney Characters

Animation Academy: The Secrets of Drawing Disney Characters

In this learning adventure participants discover how basic geometric shapes combine to create iconic Disney Characters that allow us to experience a myriad of emotion. Guided by a Disney Artist, students use artist quality materials to illustrate their very own Disney Character. Along the way they’ll add some basic techniques and tricks to their repertoire of core art skills to help give their future drawings a professional edge!

Photography: A Visual Adventure

Photography: A Visual Adventure

Students will learn the importance of practice and preparation in capturing decisive moments—taking an image from good to great. This learning environment encourages participants to share their struggles and frustrations in taking photos providing an opportunity to do some “tailoring” of content by our photography expert.

Cel Animation: Ink & Paint

Cel Animation: Ink & Paint

This experience provides an opportunity for students to step back in time with the art of hand-painting a celluloid sheet just as the artists did in creating classic Disney films such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Bambi, and many more. Guided by a knowledgeable Disney Youth Education Series facilitator, students will glove up and paint a character “cel.” Along the way they’ll gain a few insights into the history and the art of Disney animation.

Story Telling Drawings

Story Telling Drawings: A Gesture Drawing Class

In this interactive workshop, students will discover the performance benefits of practicing gesture drawing. Guided by a Disney Artist and with the assistance of a live art model, students get a glimpse of the reality of quick sketching from life. Through a variety of costumed model poses, students gain awareness that it’s not about perfection, it’s about self-expression.

So, whether they are already art aficionados, or starting out as budding artists, this collection can be enjoyed by students across different ages and skill levels. Register your group of 20 or more students for these new programs today at Don’t forget to sign up for our e-newsletter for the latest news and updates on all things Disney Youth Programs.


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