Cast Member Technologists Represent Disney at BITCON

Jenna Tsakas

by , Communications & Experience Manager, Technology & Digital

Recently, Walt Disney World Resort hosted the annual BITCON (Blacks in Technology Conference) at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort, and our Disney technologists attended with pride!

BITCON at Walt Disney World Resort
Disney technologists gathered for a photo at the Blacks in Technology conference.

Disney strives to foster growth in cast members and support opportunities for technologists to learn from others in the industry, share their own knowledge, and network.

Conferences like BITCON are a great way to recognize our talent and give them opportunities to talk about their work to audiences outside Disney. This year, some of our Technology and Digital cast spoke on a panel about Disney tech and the importance of diversity among our cast.

BITCON panelists

Jordan Morris, a software engineer at Disney, was one of the many cast members who attended BITCON this year. “It’s huge seeing a household name that we grew up with going into these spaces and being able to show that we’re here, and Disney’s here with us.”

Here at Disney, each person’s individual voice is celebrated and appreciated – that’s one of the ways we’re able to develop such world-class entertainment, experiences and products. Technology and Digital is no different, with diversity and inclusion at the heart of the organization’s priorities to ensure our digital products and experiences resonate with all different types of people around the world.

“When you think about creating great products or solving difficult problems, diversity – not just of people, but diversity of thought – is the way you get the best solutions,” said Vice President of Technology Rob Smedley.

Watch how BITCON and Disney tech came together: