Thanksgiving Day Parade at Disneyland Park

The National Thanksgiving Turkey, “Courage,” pardoned by President Obama in a Rose Garden Ceremony at the White House yesterday, starred in the “Give a Day. Get a Disney Day” Thanksgiving parade today at the Disneyland Resort.
Thanksgiving Parade at Disneyland

He greeted guests as he stood atop a float and glided down Main Street, U.S.A. The turkey’s float was surrounded by 200 volunteers. Many of those volunteers gave their time at the Orange County Food Bank and helped prepare more than 20,000 bags of food for those in need for Thanksgiving. Take a look at “Courage’s” exciting day at Disneyland Park.


  • is there any place to post photo?

  • got a few good photo and I see myself on the video…. woo woo

  • Could you post the video of the guest that were interviewed about courage?

  • To Patricia: I must not be paying attention when I go since I never heard it being played at Disneyland.

    To Danny: I never saw the parade but after youtubing it, it is true that the song is played in that parade. However, it does not sound like the one at WDW for some reason.

  • I love any Disney Park holiday parade. You just know how to celebrate holidays period. Thank you for making everything magical!

  • And dont forget they use it in Celebrate! A Street Party

  • What a great parade – wish we got to see more of it. The parade was not on TV here in Kauai, Hawaii. THe turkey has a lot of courage – oh, that is his name!!

  • To Hon Yee: They currently use that song at rope drop during the week, when they open the Disneyland park for the day.

  • I love the music that they played during this parade. I first heard it at Magic Kingdom during the Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade and I hope they bring a similar parade with this soundtrack to Disneyland!

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