A Look Back: Only Disney …

I often hear “Only Disney.” Only Disney can create such a fun attraction…only Disney can throw such a big celebration…only Disney. Well, it all started with the man himself. When he opened an attraction, he went all out. In true Disney style he made the opening itself a show worth watching. Go back in time in this video montage of some of Walt’s “opening days,” starting with the biggest opening day of all — July 17, 1955. That’s when more than 28,000 guests showed up for the opening of Disneyland park and the American vacation changed forever. This video also includes the opening of Matterhorn Bobsleds (1959), New Orleans Square (1966) — Walt’s last official ceremonies before his death in December that year –- and Pirates of the Caribbean, the last attraction that Walt supervised. Unfortunately, he passed away shortly before Pirates’ opening day.


  • Great montage!

  • What an awesome video! I wasn’t born until the mid 80s, so I never got to see any of this stuff. I love videos that give me a glimpse at to what Disney was like back then!
    DisTECH Blog

  • Charming montage!

    And colour footage of the Matterhorn opening?!? Wha’?! Brilliant!

  • Great video. Thanks for sharing!

  • It’s easy to see that Disney has always gone ALL out since the very beginning! Seeing things like this make me want to go back to Disneyland and spend more time in Walt’s original park. I LOVE the Pirates of the Caribbean Opening Day bit… That would have been a lot of fun to see!

    Thanks for sharing this great montage with us Disney fans!

    NCDisneyDad Bob ºOº

  • The more history of the parks the better!! Especially Disneyland!! It was bitter sweet to see Walt in the summer of 1966 at the opening of New Orleans Square then see the opening of Pirates in 1967 and know the sadness in between. He will always be my pre-imminent American Hero.

  • Wow! Great way to start the day!

  • Disneyland will always be a storybook we can walk into full of adventure and fantasy. A book that will never stop being written. A place of dreams and memories. I wish I was there now.

  • Whenever I see the DL Dedication, I get a little misty eyed…:)

    Great vid and great promotion. Why not do more?

  • Very cool video.

    I love Disneyland and its rich history. 🙂

  • Disney is the best place on earth! I love this video, it takes me back to a special time in life.

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