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Magic: A 24 Hour Operation

Some of you may think that when the gates of the Disneyland Resort close, the park goes dark and silent. Not true. Making magic is a 24-hour operation. There are about 1,500 cast members who work the overnight or “Third Shift.” Some have worked this nocturnal schedule for several years. In celebration of all they do, Disneyland Resort is taking time on February 3 to shine a spotlight on the Third Shift. We are also re-releasing a video podcast that originally debuted on in 2006. It’s a “private” look at what happens at the Resort when you’re asleep.


  • Wow! How cool to get to see into what happens at night. Thank you, third shift, for all you do!!!

  • Awesome! I’ve always wondered what they did at night.

  • This was really interesting! And thank you to the Third Shift for making the next morning magical!

  • YES, Thanks to all of you on the third shift for making everyones trip to Disneyland Magical keep up the great work!!

  • Let’s all give thanks to the 3rd shift.. With out them the magic with fade away like old paint….The 3rd shift burns the midnight oil to shine the magic for the next day….They are like the mice in Cinderella. They did a GREAT job on in 2005 getting Disneyland ready for the 50th Anniversay. THANK YOU to all of you who work the 3rd shift. Keep up the good work.

  • Great video. Nice to get a glimpse on what happens in the parks overnight 🙂

  • Love this behind-the-scenes stuff!!

  • Cool!!
    I like seeing people do their job faithfully.. :))

  • Nice peek behind the scenes! Thank you for sharing that!

  • That is amazing!

  • This was so interesting!!!!!! Keep ’em coming (please!!!!)!

    :0) Terri from Texas

  • I heard that more employees work the 3 rd shift then work during the first 2 shifts. Is this true ?

  • Both our son’s worked @ DL as cast members in the teen years. You get a great opportunity to see behind the magic. Cast members are to be commended for their dedication to the Disney Magic. Just remember when you go as a guest, how hard the cast members are working to make your visit a Magical experience.

  • Thank you third shift cast members! Makes me want to work for Disney. What a great feeling of pride to be able to prepare such a magical show, to be a part of what goes on. You all are awesome.

  • Ah, I remember this video.
    Very cool to see it again.

  • This is so cool! I love seeing behind-the-scenes footage from Disneyland. THANK YOU, 3rd shift workers! You do so much of the work and don’t get to be thanked by the guests!

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