Pets Enjoy an Enhanced Disneyland Kennel Club

Sometimes I travel with my little dog, Daisy. You probably travel with your fur baby, too, so if you’re coming to Disneyland and Fluffy is with you, there’s a special place for him or her at the Disneyland Resort. It’s called the Disneyland Kennel Club, and it’s located to the right of the Disneyland gate.

The kennel is a convenient service for those who travel with their pets. Recently, 52 new kennels replaced old ones and the exercise yard now has artificial turf and porous concrete, along with a mural from “Lady and the Tramp.” Just in case you forget Spot’s favorite blanket, the kennel will provide one at no cost.

The Disneyland Kennel Club welcomes: dogs, cats, birds (unless there is an avian bird flu alert), rabbits and non-venomous reptiles. (They do not accept ferrets.) Dogs and cats four months or older must have official vet records that show their most recent rabies, distemper and hepatitis vaccinations. Cats also need proof of feline leukemia, rhinotracheitus and calcivirus vaccinations. The kennel doesn’t walk or feed your pet. (Sometime soon the kennel cast members will be able to feed your pet, but not right now.) You are responsible for that, so make sure to carve time out of your day to do so. It’s a daytime kennel, so no overnight stays. You can drop off your pet half an hour before park opens and pick up half an hour after park closes. Cost is $20. For more information call: 714-781-POOCH (76624). Enjoy this video to get an inside view of the Disneyland Kennel Club.


  • I have to say I’m very surprised (and glad to hear) they take in non venomous reptiles and birds! Although I don’t travel with my snakes (or cats) it’s nice to see they cater to many species! San Diego does have a very nice reptile convention and it’s nice to know if I buy anything I can still go to Disneyland!

  • OMG! I love the Kennel Club! When we go for long day trips to Disneyland I take Lars my Norwegian Elkhound along with me and he loves staying at the Kennel Club. The girls working there are always so nice to Lars!!!

  • The WDW kennel at the Transportation and Ticket Center allows for length of stay pets. You are responsible for exercising, but they do feed. In the past, we always supplied the food, so I am unsure if they have food available for a price.

  • We had a great time visiting the Kennel Club in 2007. Can’t wait to see the improvements later this year. I’ll jump on the bandwagon of those who would love an overnight option. The fact that we can’t board our dogs at the Kennel Club is the _only_ reason we haven’t bought into DVC yet!

  • We took our Shih Tzu Charlie to the Disney Kennel this last week & it was wonderful! He was so very happy. The 2nd day he walked us to the Kennel door! Jennifer, your Dane Gus is beautiful & we agree ~ Ginny is the BEST!!!

  • At WDW there is a kennel near each of the parks and near Fort Wilderness Campground.

  • Ah, Disneyland, not DisneyWorld. I withdraw my comment — sorry for misreading.

  • Very disappointed ferrets are no longer accepted. The kennels used to take such good care of them and they are such sweet animals.

  • Guide Dogs like I use are allowed in rooms and in the parks. I am blind and I am also a travel agent.

  • Does anyone know do they have this option in Walt Disney World.

  • I have been taking my Great Dane Gus the last couple of months. It is terrific. We make sure to arrive early as there are only about 5 large kennels. We feed him in the park area they have. I also wish the Grand would allow dogs and annual passes for the kennel just makes sense!

    By the way, my favorite person in the kennels is Ginny. She is just super!

  • It would be great if they offered not only overnight care, but also day care. Day care where dogs can play with each other in a controlled environment is all the rage. If there are whole business devoted to this I’m sure the Disney machine can figure something out. This is a great alternative for out of visitors who don’t like to leave their dogs cooped up in a kennel all day, especially while I’m out having fun.

  • I am so glad they revamped the kennels! The old walk area definately needed improvement. I will definately be taking my little Roxy to visit Lady and the Tramp more often.

  • We love the kennel and all the wonderful cast members who watch our chihuahua everytime we visit. The new exercise area is very dog friendly. I wish there was an annual pass for dogs too.

  • Our Lab is a regular at the Disneyland Kennel. The large kennels are in the back. We are locals so we can just drive home to LA, but it’s very convenient to have her there so I can let her go potty several times during our day and feed her. To answer the food questions, they provide paper food and water bowls, so you can leave the food bowl and water bowl. If you are staying overnight, there are several nearby hotels that accept dogs for an extra fee, but since they will not allow you to leave your dog unattended in the hotel room, the kennel is still helpful. I too am hoping they open pet friendly rooms somewhere on Disney property. Just DON’T FORGET YOUR VACCINATION PAPERS! But if you do, you can always call and have them faxed.

  • Is the price $20 per dog? Just curious as we have 4.

  • It would be great if they had annual passes for pooches!

  • I wish they would accept overnight pets, after all, what is a person who travelled from out of state and staying at a Disney owned hote supposed to do with their pets overnight. We stay at Disney’s Grand Californian hotel, which of course, does not allow pets, so we have no alternative but to leave our pets at a local boarding kennel when we go to Disneyland. All it would take is one overnight cast member to be in attendance “just in case”, they have the owner’s contact number, so what is the problem since the animals would be sleeping anyway.

  • I am so happy to hear about this. I am hoping to go in May and I was worried about leaving Lady at the hotel. This will be great!

  • I love it!!!! Wish you could take care of ferrets, too!

  • Still wish Disney would offer length of stay overnight care for doggies. Would rather have my baby close.

  • If they do not feed your dog for you, is there an area where you can feed your dog? Also, I saw kennels for small dogs, what about medium to large sized dogs… will we be able to leave a bowl for food & water in the kennel? I was not aware of this great feature! Now we can go to Disney along with our Bella!!

  • I can reassure all the nervous house rabbit owners out there, Disney Kennels are the best! They put my fussy house rabbit up in a private area, away from the scary noise of cats and dogs. He was cooed over all day and perfectly happy when it was time to go home. I wish my local kennel had such wonderful service!

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