Dumbo the Flying Elephant Celebrates 55th Anniversary

Dumbo the Flying Elephant is like Sleeping Beauty Castle. It is so iconic that when you see it, you know you’re looking at some place inside Disneyland park. It’s one of our classics, dating back 55 years ago. In fact, it debuted almost exactly a month after opening day on August 16, 1955. The 16 happy, grey elephants — inspired by Walt Disney’s 1941 animated film — are “piloted” by guests. These baby pachyderms can fly as high as 17 feet! Did you know that the Dumbo attraction is also at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World (1971), Tokyo Disneyland (1983), Disneyland Paris (1992) and Hong Kong Disneyland (2005)? Here’s another fun fact: When President Harry S Truman (a staunch Democrat) visited the park in 1957, he playfully refused to ride Dumbo because of the Republican symbolism associated with the elephant-themed attraction. Enjoy this historical footage of our famous flying elephants.


  • ALL the little ones want to ride on Dumbo! But the line is always soooooo long 🙁 Please open another one; surely you can find the room! Does anyone remember when Dumbo was played on World of Color in two parts. They ended the first night just when Dumbo was separated from his mommy. It took forever to dry the tears and convince my kids they would get back together “next week.” Happy Birthday, Dumbo! See you soon!

  • On my very first trip to Disneyland (in 2005, age 27!) I spent a whole weekend and somehow managed to not ride Dumbo. Or the teacups for that matter! On my second trip a year later, I made sure to ride both on the first night. Dumbo is one of the quintessential Disneyland experiences!

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  • Happy Birthday Dumbo!!!

  • Cheers Dumbo! My husband, 2 daughters and I love the Dumbo ride in Disneyland!

  • Believe it or not but I have not been on the Dumbo ride. I’ve been to Magic Kingdom 4 times my whole life and I really want to go on the ride. Maybe when we take my daughter back to Magic Kingdom ( when she want the first time she was one and a little scared of the ride)we’ll get on the ride together.

  • Dumbo is wonderful. I just hope that Disneyland will repair the fairground organ. Yeah, I know that paper roll systems are a pain but they can now be modified with a midi system.

  • I have adored Dumbo since I was 4 years old in 1959. My whole entire house is Dumbo collectibles that you can’t find anymore, even on Ebay. I last went to Disneyland for Dumbo’s 65th anniversary of his movie and was very disappointed to find nothing in Dumbo or cast members who didn’t even know it was his anniversary. It saddened me terribly to see nothing was done to honor this great movie. Next year on October 31, 2011 will be the 70th anniversary. I sure hope someone sees this and does something about helping me celebrate the way it should be done.

    I love you Dumbo.

  • I loved riding “Dumbo”! It’s one of those classic signature rides like the teacups that should ALWAYS be a part of the Disneyland experience!

  • I still love to ride Dumbo, even as an adult. Love that classic ride. Don’t ever remove it Dland!

  • Dumbo has always been my daughter’s favorite. Even though she is now more into Hannah Montana and Wizards of Waverly Place, Dumbo still holds a special place in her heart. Thanks for giving us such great family memories and Happy Birthday, Dumbo! :o)

  • Wow, I LOVE the Dumbo ride! It is my best child hood memory and I will never forget the feeling of Flying and soaring over Fantasy Land! I hope Dumbo will live forever and ever.

  • Hooray for dumbo! Although i have never been to disneyland, when i go, i want to ride the old dumbo there! I ride every year at disney world!

  • Dumbo ride is certainly a favorite. We are Disneyland regulars. About 15 years ago my then 3 year old nephew was so excited to choose his Dumbo that he didn’t see another child run into him, accidently bumping him into the water of the ride. Fortunately a good samartian jumped the fence and fished Martin out by his collar. Thanks go out to that man and everyone else who saved the day. Everytime we pass the Dumbo ride now, we recall how nice everyone was that day.

  • Happy Birthday Dumbo 🙂
    Please do not have Dumbo and his clone at the land like the World!

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