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Our Haunted Gingerbread House

What’s Halloween without at least one spooky (and nostalgic) trip through the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland park?

From Halloween through the holiday season the mansion is decked out in a “The Nightmare Before Christmas” motif for Haunted Mansion Holiday. One of the coolest highlights has got to be the haunted gingerbread house in the mansion’s ballroom. It’s been a fixture since 2001. This year’s design, “Haunted Mansion Tombstone Cake,” is six feet high and four feet wide. (There’s a new design every year.)

For the first time ever the “house” will have animated projections. The projectors are such a new technology that there are only a few in the United States, and some are here at our very own Haunted Mansion! It took three chefs, a team of electricians, engineers and designers to create the tasty (and creepy) “tombstone cake.” And although the house looks decorated with candy, it’s not. All the decorations are actually created from fondant and royal icing.

And yes, it’s haunted. Really. Every year after the gingerbread house is installed and everyone goes home, a gingerbread shingle disappears. I guess one of the 999 ghosts has a hankering for gingerbread. Here are some other fun facts:

  • It took 3 ½ weeks and a total of 213 hours to build
  • It’s made of 60lbs of fondant
  • 30lbs of chocolate (used as glue)
  • 50lbs of royal icing
  • 500lbs of gingerbread
  • The scent of gingerbread is piped into the guest corridor

Enjoy this video of the making of the “Haunted Mansion Tombstone Cake.” Maybe it will give you a few ideas for your own creation.


  • If u find it missing just know that i ate it….. i mean it looks delicious

  • Can’t wait to see it 2 weeks from tomorrow. I am going to ride HMH many times that weekend to see all the details of the ride!

  • Love the video & the music!!!!

  • They did such a great job this year on the Haunted Mansion! That gingerbread tombstone smells WONDERFUL when you go by!

  • another great gingerbread house this year! i remember when it first started 9 years ago! i’ve been going since they first started and i can’t wait to see what new thing they do this year. i’ve always wanted to be in the disney kitchens, but i found out that you can’t do it unless you go through the pastry classes in florida, and it’s near impossible to do that. if anyone can give me information, i would love to be able to make my greatest wish come true! to be a disney pastry chef!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Awesome! I love videos like these! But when I went yesterday Jack was stuck at the top, with his arms straight up and his head sticking out just barely. They probably already have it fixed, though.

  • Awesome video! I hope to someday be a Disney Chef 🙂

  • I love the “extreme” element of Jack popping up over the tombstone!

  • Awesome job as usual! 🙂

  • Valarie,

    What are the projections on the house this year and can we get a video of them?

  • GORGEOUS. I can’t wait to see it for reals in two weeks!!

  • love it-going next week to see!!!

  • That looks so scary. I’ll have to pay attention for the gingerbread smell.

  • greetings all, love your video about making your gingerbread scene from the ballroom of the haunted mansion. love the ride too. one of my favorites when i was a child. halloween is always my favorite hoilday because of tombstones and scary stuff. surprises are everywhere when you meet and greet a ghost. great job guys on the tallest tombstone in all the haunted mansion scences. we will see you guys soon. i promise you that. can i have a bite please of your yummy tombstone of gingerbread. i would love to make my own someday.

  • AH! amazing!!!

  • Ok so my name is no aliyah but that is ok, I love the gingerbread in the ghost house, then once i leave I always have to go find a gingerbread cookie to eat. Can’t wait, taking my grandson Micah for the first time in November.

  • Disneyland and Gingerbread!!! Two of my favorite things!!!! We will get to see and smell for ourselves in a few weeks!!!! Can hardly wait!!!! Thanks so much!

  • Amazing!!! Congrats to all… Great job!!!:)

  • I can’t wait to see and smell the ginger bread house! You guys are awesome!!

  • I bet the ballroom smells AMAZING, I wish the rides could smell it behind the glass 🙁

  • We got to see it Saturday it was pretty cool!

  • is it edible,,,if so can i eat some

  • Love it, my favorite part of the holiday’s at Disneyland is smelling the gingerbread smell they pipe in the doom buggies on the Haunted Mansion ride!! A close second is Small World all decked out for Christmas:)

  • Neat vid! I don’t think I realized it was that big – it’s hard to get size from pics. What an undertaking!

  • Wow! Came out great this year, Go Bakery Team!

  • What happens to the gingerbread house after the season is over?

  • I get to see this in person three weeks from today. So excited!

  • That’s awesome, too bad they don’t have that at WDW.

  • Love it. Going in Nov and CAN’T wait to see it.

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