ElecTRONica Meet-Up: Recap of our Biggest Meet-Up Yet

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Vice President, Consumer Products

ElecTRONica Meet-Up at Disney California Adventure Park

Wow, that was definitely the biggest party I’ve ever thrown! It was great seeing many of you dressed in costumes and seeing so many Disney Parks Blog and TRON fans in one place at last night’s ElecTRONica Meet-Up.

ElecTRONica Meet-Up at Disney California Adventure Park

Meet-Up guests were treated to complimentary admission to Disney California Adventure park and the full ElecTRONica experience just for this group. The full ElecTRONica experience included several performances, like Laserman and our Power Surge show, a DJ emceeing the event and providing some great dance music, access to all the ‘80s games at Flynn’s Arcade and the 3-D preview of “TRON: Legacy.”

Attendees of the ElecTRONica Meet-Up also had several extra-special opportunities, including a signing with “TRON: Legacy” screenwriters, viewing of select props from the upcoming movie, a unique privilege to dress up in TRON costumes at the event and an exclusive, limited edition Flynn’s Arcade Token.

ElecTRONica Meet-Up at Disney California Adventure Park

Some of the props on display from “TRON: Legacy” included one costume that had never been displayed before last night. The all-white costume, worn by Jeff Bridges, who plays Kevin Flynn in both the original and latest film, was also accompanied by actual Black Guard and Rinzler helmets worn by characters in the movie.

ElecTRONica Meet-Up at Disney California Adventure Park

Many hard-core TRON fans made sure to check-in early to reserve spots for the signing opportunity with Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, the screenwriters for “TRON: Legacy.” Eddy and Adam posed for photos with guests and even answered a few questions for our Twitter followers.

ElecTRONica Meet-Up at Disney California Adventure Park

Some Twitter followers were interested in knowing if it was necessary to remember, or be familiar with, the original film in order to understand and enjoy the new one. Eddy said that he and Adam tried to ensure that “TRON: Legacy” honored the first film and preserved some of the original’s DNA, but not so much that newer fans would be unable to enjoy it. “TRON: Legacy” will appear in theaters Dec. 17.

We also saw that many Twitter followers gave us a shout-out on Twitter last night. We’re glad you enjoyed the experience and we appreciate the great feedback.

If you attended the meet-up last night, tell us about your experience. Did you meet someone new? Are there any cool stories from last night that you’d like to share? If you were unable to attend, we really hope to see you next time.


  • Heather thanks for all your work, it was a great turn out…Glad that your staff got a picture of my wife photo #4 reading / looking at the Tron costume plaque. I wanted to say hello to you and pick up a pin but I chickened out and did not know how to approach you. 🙂

  • Thank you for allowing us to attend both the Villains Party and ElecTRONica. We had a ton of fun at both events, especially ElecTRONica. We are already planning our next visit (Mid November), and can’t wait to dance the night away again!

    Special Thank you to Heather and her team. You guys put together AWESOME events and us fans couldn’t be any more Lucky! Keep them coming!!

  • had a really great time, as did my friends who came. thank you sooooo much for the opportunity. it truly was an experience. i felt like i was in another world. i had never seen the original TRON, but now am stoked to see the new movie. i even hunted down the original (on VHS!…talk about old school) to watch it too, ha ha. thank you to you, heather, and all the people involved in making this event really spectacular. 😀

  • P.s. Heather, will the photos and video at the event taken be posted somewhere?!

  • Super fun and extra special 😉

    I surprised my fiance and brought him, and we had a great time. We were particularly excited to meet, chat, and take a picture with the writers. The token was a treat. Also, seeing select props from the movie was amazing. The lighting in the lot was INSAAAAAANE – definitely felt like part of the movie! We didn’t expect Disney to throw the event like THAT at all, definitely a great surprise. The music was everything I expected it to be … perfection! We loved the vibe of the whole event, loved the exclusiveness of it all.

    Heather, we didn’t get a chance to spot you at check-in because we wanted to be some of the lucky few to meet you and get a Disney Parks blog pin! We thought we spotted you wearing a bluish dress but we weren’t too sure if that actually WAS you. Then, it grew too dark to look at cast members’ name tags but we wanted to say a MILLION THANK YOU’S to you and everyone involved for throwing this event together 😀

  • Thank you again for a wonderous experience. I was very impressed with the entire Social Media Team who went above and beyond to welcome all of us.

  • Greetings Programs! Wow… we just got back from our Halloween Disneyland trip, and I just wanted to give a hearty ‘Thank You’ to Heather Hurst Rivera and all of the crew at DCA and the Disney Parks Blog. Our family is the one featured in TWO of the photos in this article (the very top and bottom pics), and I have to say that the ElecTRONica Meet-Up was truly a very special event for my entire family. I cannot tell you how much fun we all had. My son worked very hard on his costume, driven by his excitement for this Disney experience! You folks at the Disney Parks Blog are doing things right… and really connecting with Disney fans in a deep and meaningful way. We will never forget our night at this event. We have been to the parks several times this year, but this family experience uniquely stands out. We have never felt more special, and deeply appreciated the opportunity to be there. From the bottom of our hearts… THANK YOU! All the best! ;^)

  • Thanks so much Heather. I had a ton of fun at the meet-up.

  • A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL INVOLVED!!! We had the BEST time. from watching the power surge to entering elecTRONica and having a disk thrown out and caught by my 6 year old son first thing! we checked out everything. LOVE the ice cubes by the way! Love meeting Heather, got a blog pin woo hoo. I agree the guys in blue suits dancing were hysterical! we loved the preview of the movie, the music and laser man but we all felt that our highlight was our 6 year old doing all 4 hula hoops that lit up ! He will have memories forever! And we loved Flynns:) BEST EVENT EVER!!!!

  • Had an amazing time! just wondering about the filming & if theres gonna be a video?

  • Woah! Heather it was wonderful to meet you on Thursady night. It was my birthday and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate it! A coin with my birthday on it? Heck yes! Thanks again for throwing together this awesome meet-up! My fiance and I had a wonderful time.

  • Omg I can’t believe I was leading one of the Conga lines it was so amazing

  • This Meet-up (it was so much more than that!!) went wayyy beyond all my expectations!! My husband and I, along with two other family members, really enjoyed ourselves and made some great memories! The whole night we were all in awe of the awesomness 🙂 Thank you DPB for all the time and effort and amazing opportunities you give us!! It was so great to actually meet Heather too! She was so approachable and so helpful and I could tell she really loves what she does. And of course that great energy is just so infectious. Thanks Heather for the pins too! My husband and I got super excited when we found you. Thanks again Disney Parks Blog for allowing me to feel part of something so much bigger than just myself. What an awesome feeling!! You guys ROCK!! 😀

  • Heather, wow.
    My son wanted me to check for information about the TRON LEGACY and I pushed aside the idea due to pressing economic chores. ouch,

    Finally, after seeing him take off the lids to our coffee can and stuff them in the back of his tee shirt. “This man is serious about this movie!”
    Oh wow, It’s in my gut like a ton of bricks, seeing that I missed this YEsTERdaY,

    Please help with an update or a special day in Electronica Please.

    It cut my heart seeing his face look at the meetup instructions, Please can we get an update for upcoming events or any any thing even for five minutes you have going on at the Disney Resort.
    (dog house dad)

  • Thanks, everyone, for the nice comments. It was really great meeting so many of you. All those blog pins sure did weigh down my bag, so I’m glad you all were so willing to help lighten my load 🙂

    The Disneyland Resort team and all of the cast members at Disney California Adventure wanted to make this a special night for some of our biggest fans, so we’re all happy to hear you enjoyed the Meet-Up.

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