Video: Disney Dance Crew

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Vice President, Consumer Products

Beginning today, October 22, the Disney Dance Crew will start shaking things up at the Hollywood Backlot Stage in Disney California Adventure park.

Disney Dance Crew is a live, 10-minute performance for the entire family that features contemporary remixes and mash-ups of popular Disney songs, and dancers performing hip, edgy dance moves. The show also includes an appearance from Mickey Mouse like you’ve never seen him before. Mickey shows off slick new threads and some crazy moves.

Take a look and let us know what you think:

After each performance of Disney Dance Crew, Mickey Mouse will greet guests and pose for photos.

Disney Dance Crew will be performed several times a day, Wednesday through Sunday, until November 26. When Disney Channel Rocks! debuts November 26, Disney Channel Rocks! will perform mid-morning to early afternoon, and Disney Dance Crew will perform mid-afternoon to early evening.


  • Come on people, Why should Disneyland be kept in a time warp??? It needs to evolve with the times. Movies change, music changes, dancing changes, and kids grow up.
    So why not allow Disney, Mickey and all the other characters grow with them.
    As an adult, I loved it, so did my 17yo, my 4yo and my 2yo.
    Everyone was dancing in their seats.
    It was an amazing show, the dancers were awesome, Mickey was fantastic and the music was great.
    Keep up the great work Disney. Don’t get stuck in time.

  • Yes, a number of people will enjoy this show, and not everyone will emjoy every piece of entertainment that Disney offers. But how sad that Disney would produce a show that puts off a significant number of people. This show takes the icon of the company, a character that stands for wholesomeness and “Disney quality,” and puts him in a genre of music/dialogue/dance moves that, outside of the parks, more often than not is inconsistent with the values that so many people associate with, and expect from, Mickey and Disney. I hope this show is short-lived, and that in the future, the entertainment department can put on popular, creative shows with more class.

  • I have to say, even though I personally think that this is a pretty good show, (Despite the fact that I think the show is trying too hard to be hip, and should be re-tooled) and that it did seem to please the crowd when I saw it, I REALLY hope that the show won’t last for too many years.

    By 2012, Disney California Adventure will have a new look and feel, along with a new 1920’s theme for its main entrance, and I just don’t think that Disney Dance Crew will fit in once the expansion is completed.

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