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Disney Trading – New Hidden Mickey Pins for Disneyland Resort

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

New Tee-Shirt Hidden Mickey Pins

When are Hidden Mickey pins being released? It is a question asked by many guests and cast members at the start of a calendar year. For those unfamiliar, the Hidden Mickey pin program was introduced several years ago to encourage trading between cast members and guests. Trading Hidden Mickey pins is now a popular activity for many visiting Disney Parks. Today, I’m giving you a sneak preview of new pins for Disneyland Resort in 2011. This is bittersweet for me as I have transitioned to a new role as Merchandise Communications Manager (you may have noticed this from other articles on the Disney Parks Blog). These pins are some of the final pins I worked on for trading; I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed creating them.

New Alphabet Series Hidden Mickey Pins for Disneyland Resort

Many fans will be excited to hear a new Alphabet series is coming to California. This series will be different than the first Alphabet series released in Florida. I love the simplicity of this collection as it is super easy to collect (come on, only 26 letters to get!). Here is a cool story about the first set of Alphabet pins – a guest traded for letters to spell “Will You Marry Me” on a lanyard then proposed to his now fiancé. That’s magic!

Another series I wanted to introduce last year was the Casey Jr. Circus Train. Due to tight development timelines, I couldn’t create the set last year. I’m thrilled that this year fans can collect the classic Fantasyland attraction (which I always love to ride – monkey car or wild animals car?).

New Hidden Mickey Pins Featuring Some Favorite Disneyland Icons

In recent years, I have drawn inspiration for pins from various icons found in Disney Parks. A set in the 2011 collection will feature some of my favorite icons from Disneyland park (including the mint julep from New Orleans Square!). Can you identify the other icons?

New Disneyland Monorail Hidden Mickey Pins for Disneyland Resort

For the first time, we are featuring a collection of Disneyland Monorail pins. These pins complement monorail pins created for Walt Disney World a few years ago. Does anyone else ever dream of riding a monorail to work? I do every day!

One change this year was based on guest and cast member feedback. The 2011 Hidden Mickey collection will have two different waves. Coming in late January or early February, the first wave will contain about 30 pins. These pins will be traded until around summer when a second wave with different pins will be released. I basically split the collection in half wanting to spark trading all year long.

Another thing we are trying are the tee-shirt pins pictured at the top of this article. There will be a series of tee-shirt pins released in California. A series featuring different characters will be released in Florida. I love when guests trade between the coasts and the entire set looks so awesome.

As mentioned, look for the first wave of the 2011 pins coming to cast members’ lanyards in late January or early February. Happy Trading!


  • I have a question about pins in general. When you see Disney is hosting a pin trading event like the up coming event Feb 5 at EPCOT. How do people get to pre order those pin sets so they then can turn around and sell them on eBay? I mean what’s the point of buying a ticket if someone can preorder a pin? I’m really upset buy this. In other events you were only allowed say 1 pin from each category or price point. No saving or preorders. To me this totally takes the fun out of going and making sure I get one of the limited number in the collection. Do you have any input. Thank you.

    • @JoAnne – Mahalo! The new role has been great and I’m just getting started. So many exciting things coming. And The Grid would be incredible. As for an outfit … there is a picture of me in one out there 🙂 Nothing like a little photo editing (ha ha).

      @Karen – Isn’t the Scrump shirt great? Loved that design too. Gave it to California since Hawai’i is a little closer. The Hidden Mickey pins for Disneyland Resort are arriving soon. You should begin to see things in probably late January / early February.

      @Brian – Great question. We standardized the Hidden Mickey pins a few years ago. Look for the Hidden Mickey icon on the front of the pin. The pins are typically done in silver which means the back of the pin is in silver. There is also the word “Hidden Mickey Pin / X of X.” As for “completer pins,” they are offered as a purchase with purchase promotion at random times throughout the year. We don’t really say which series will have completer pins until released. But know there will be some for the 2011 series. You can also find a checklist on

      @Andres – Look for an article coming soon on the Disney Parks Blog. I finished it last week and it is in the queue.

      @Josie – First, I’m sorry to hear of your disappointment. For the past several years, we have used a “Random Selection Process” (RSP) for hard-ticketed events (like the upcoming one on February 5 – Love is Magical. This RSP allows guests attending the event to let us know which items they would like the most. Once completed, the forms are processed through a computer to keep things fair and equitable for all guests. Trust me, the RSP process has been a blessing. Before that, it was challenging.

      The product is then picked up before the event by registered event guests. The events are more than just product though. They are opportunities to meet other fans, trade pins with others or via activities we provide, and just have fun. I know from previous experience that guests have enjoyed them.

      I can’t speak for on-line auction sites, but I know there are policies around pre-selling items. You should refer to those guidelines on those sites via their FAQ or help sections. Ultimately, we can’t prevent someone from offering items as pre-sale simply as Disney doesn’t control those on-line auction sites. I can say that the seller doesn’t have the product yet as she or he wouldn’t receive it until the event.

      Hope this insight is helpful. The product is one thing (and for Love is Magical – it is fantastic!). Events, however are more about the friendships one makes (and that is why Disney Pin Trading has continued for more than 11 years).

  • Steven,

    The Disneyland set looks amazing. I just hoping to see the WDW one out soon because it seems they are keeping under lock and key. Do you know anything about the release date or what we will be expecting.

  • Steven,

    I will keep an eye out for the new pins for WDW. I was wondering what’s the best way to find out which pins are in each Hidden Mickey set. We seem to have so many sets and my daughter is always asking which ones she is missing. Also, is there a way to know if a set has a completer or not?
    Thanks again,

  • #14 – Hi Steven, thanks for all the info so far and I hope you enjoy your new job at least as much as your previous one!!

    I have a question for you – when was the Hidden Mickey T-Shirt pin of SCRUMP released? I have a friend who collects Scrump things and is always looking for things with Scrump in them, but those things are few and far between unfortunately!! I’d like to send her a link to this page, but if the pin was released long ago, I don’t think it will be easy for her to find one.

    Thanks again for your contributions to the blog and I look forward to seeing what you bring us in the future!

  • Steven! Congratulations on the new assignment! Everyone needs a change and yours is well deserved! Let us know if you get sucked into the grid! We would love to see you in one of those outfits!

  • Absolutely thrilled with the “icons” and “casey jr” series! The Adv. Thru Inner Space is gonna be a hot item, I’m telling you now!
    Congrats on your new role (if you wanted it 🙂 – will be still be seeing blog posts on new pins from a new designer?

    • @Aaron – We are still working out details on the final assortment of things for The Florida Project. I can say there are some great things coming for the 40th Anniversary. 🙂 Look for future articles about them.

      @Kelly – Right on! I love the Adventures Thru Inner Space pin, though I never got to ride the attraction – 🙁

      And a big YES, you will continue to see articles about new pins, Vinylmation, interviews with developers and much more. Michelle, Dara and I have lots of plans for 2011. I’m so thankful that so many fans are interested in what we do. This has truly been a highlight of my Disney career. So, thank you!

  • Hi Steven
    I am a huge disney collector but I’m not really into pins or vinylmation…yet! I like the work of Shag and loved the idea of the Florida project. Will there be merchandise for sale other than pins and vinylmation at the Florida Project event? Like those great vintage pieces in your previous article about the Florida Project? Those kinds of collectibles would be what I’m after. Thanks so much


    @Hannah – Thank you. I feel blessed to have been a part of a great team. They are rock stars and I’m fortunate to have shared their stories. The past seven years have been a blast, and I have made many wonderful friends. They have become family to me. I may make some appearances at future events, but my role will be focused on marketing, blogging, etc (especially in the digital world). Don’t worry, I won’t disappear completely (unless I’m transported to The Grid by C.L.U.). And I feel super, duper lucky as this new role is part of my long term career goals. Come on, I get to “blog” for Disney – sweet!!

    @Brian – You should see an article about those pins coming soon. I split the coverage and the Disneyland article went first. The Florida pins are just as awesome (IMHO) 😉

    @Dana – Mahalos for the kind words again. Please know that we are partnering closely with the Operations Integration team since trading is such an important part of the guest experience. It is one reason why pins continues today – the cast to guest interaction (the second reason is due to the enthusiasm of our guests).

    As for Trading Nights, they will continue in some fashion. The frequency will be based on availability of space and the balancing of several exciting events coming in 2011 including:

    – The launch of the Disney Dream (super jealous of those going on the inaugural cruise! Does anyone have any extra room?)

    – Love is Magical –

    – Sci-Fi Academy –

    – D23 Expo –

    – The Florida Project –

  • I was wondering is this going to be at DisneyWorld Resort as well?

  • Hi Steven, Thanks for the great update! We have missed them especially with the holidays & updates were slow. We are glad that you are in a new position that you are very happy with! Any chance of an announcement real soon for the new CM takikng your old position with the pins and vinylmations? We are also looking for an update on PTN’s for Jan, Feb & March if possible. I know with scheduling it is sometimes difficult, but if there was any updates we all would greatly appreciate it. This way guests can start planning, especially with Spring Break coming 🙂 Once again thanks & we look forward to your Blog Reports!

  • Steven,

    I was wondering what you have coming out for the Walt Disney World collection for 2011.



  • Steven, I’m so sorry to hear you are no longer going to be in charge of pins! Are you still going to be the emcee for the Pin Events (and host of the Ultimate Trivia Challenge)? I hope that you enjoy your next role. And I also hope that the next person in charge does just as good of a job as you did!

    These Hidden Mickey pins are AMAZING! I can’t wait to see the full collection for both DLR and WDW.

  • I agree, #4 Jennie: INNER SPACE! It was always my favorite when I was a kid!

    I don’t usually start out to collect Hidden Mickey sets, it just sort of happens along the way, but I think I’m going to have to have the Casey Jr. set and the icons…

  • :O *points* INNER SPACE~! *faints* 🙂

  • I am LOVING the Percy and Ichabod alphabet pins, as well as the Big Thunder Iron Works and mint julep. And I’m a little in love with the L&S doll t-shirt one. I never really buy pins (and definitely don’t trade)…but now I may have to dole out the $$. I want. haha

  • I haven’t done any trading, but I get a new pin each year when we visit Disneyland. I’ve started my younger sister on that tradition, as well. I absolutely love the new pins! You did a great job! I always thought being a merchandise designer for the parks would be so fun. I’ve got to get my hands on that Chip and Dale t-shirt pin!

  • KEWL!

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