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Cooling Off on New York Street at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

While on assignment at Disney’s Hollywood Studios this week, I came across this little girl having the time of her life while playing in a very leaky fire hydrant.

Two-year-old Alexys Grace Tomlinson Cooling Off at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Looks like two-year-old Alexys Grace Tomlinson found a sure-fire opportunity to cool off. She and her family are vacationing from Claysburg, Pa., where I doubt there are many fire hydrants that are so entertaining.

Take a look back at more picture-perfect moments from Walt Disney World Resort:


  • Don September 24, 2011,

    Gene you have managed to take your photography to an astonishing level. The color, the subjects, and the presentation are so good that it makes one feel like reaching out and touching one just to see if they are real. Yes I now have fingerprints on my monitor.

  • Thank You Gene for taking these wonderful pictures of our little girl..This is something she and our family will always remember and be able to cherish for many years to come.

  • Adorable!

  • What a beautiful timeless image of how Disney magic really is everywhere, it brought a breath of summer back to this dark rainy afternoon in Wales.=)

  • Aww, cutest little pumpkin! Great shots, Gene! Thanks for sharing them with us!

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