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Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree Begins Ride Testing at Disney California Adventure Park

With all the changes taking place at Cars Land at Disney California Adventure park, one of the developments that we all look forward to is ride testing. It’s really fun seeing our ride engineers fire up the mechanical systems for the first time – it’s such a huge milestone!

One of our attractions that is just now entering daily ride testing is Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree where baby tractors twirl and swing around, pulling trailers behind them (that’s where we get to sit). When completed, the tractors will appear to be dancing to songs that Mater is singing – they just can’t help themselves!

In addition to starting the ride testing, we’ve been making some other big changes to this area with the installation of our marquee and a huge new set piece – Mater’s Junkyard Jukebox. Take a look and see all the great work that’s being done in Mater’s junkyard. (Please note that the music you hear in the video is for the video only and will not be part of the fun songs you’ll hear Mater singing. More on these fun songs later!)


  • My 58 year old husband saw the promo for the tire ride and started jumping around saying they were bringing back the flying saucers. There just might be a Disneyland/California Adventures trip for us this coming summer.

  • Mary–
    Frank is not a part of this ride, but he WILL be seen in the Radiator Springs Racers ride. 🙂

  • I would like to known if Frank the combine is going to be present on this ride my son I is crazy about him.

  • A lot of rides are more fun to ride, than they actually look. And remember everyone, this is just testing.

    At the Cars Land presentation from D23 Expo earlier this year, John Lasseter assured the audience that the ride is “really fun”.

    If you notice, as the tractors move, the trailers whip around a bit.

  • Is this a kiddie ride? Doesn’t look all that exciting.

  • What is the exact date this opens, I am planning on taking my Grandson that has never been to Disneyland and my granddaughter that was to little to remember and Loves Cars. I would love to start planning our trip.

  • The ride reminds me of the action you got from the old scrambler rides probably will be faster than in video.I enjoy the detail they put in all their rides.

  • Kathy–
    Nope, but tractor tipping will occur in the Radiator Springs Racers ride!

  • At the end of the ride do the tractors tip?

  • how does one go about becoming a ride testor? I know everest for sure had guest get to test ride it, everyone got lanyards and pins to remember the day. I would love to be a part of testing a ride at DL, how do I get the oppertunity?

  • ooo fun!! …cannot wait for Car’s Land to open and for all the lovely construction to be finished!

  • My (who will then be) Wife and I will be there early june for our Honeymoon from Australia!!! Soo hope its open then!!!

  • I’m so excited for the updates on Cars land. I’m only getting more and more excited. See you in October Mater! 🙂

  • Still just cannot believe an entire land was built devoted to one movie. I think I’ll pass on this and stick with WDW, at least as long as AVATARland never happens.

  • That looks fun!!! But very low capacity. There are going to be some very long lines in Cars Land this summer. But it looks like it will all be worth the wait.

  • Thanks for the preview. Keep them coming. It is always great for a ride for the whole family.

  • Looks great!
    When can we look forward to this in Disney World?

  • Is this testing going in slower motion than the end product? It seems like a slow version of Francis Ladybug Boogie right next door.

  • Very cool. Looks similar to the Cars Race Rally at Disneyland Paris – which I was hoping for as I love that ride. I hope that they seat more than two across, though it looks like they will. The line can get quite long with each of the cars seating 4. I can’t wait to ride the new rides this summer/fall.

  • If you go to the Cars Land section of Disneyland website, you can see a slide show of images. One of the is the artwork for what this ride will look like, and you can see that it will be a lot bigger than what is shown in this video.

  • …Kathy stated this at the D23 Expo earlier this year.

  • Awesome!

    And everyone, I remember Kathy saying that the ride will have 22 baby tractors out there on the tracks.

  • Looks a little to similar to the Francis the Ladybug ride for me. But fun for little ones I’m sure.

  • COOL!!!!!

  • Has there been any word on when Cars land will open? We’re coming down the first week of June and I’m really hoping it will be open then as my son is crazy about the Cars movies.

  • This isn’t the actual ride area/track is it? Will the cars go faster than this?

  • eh

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