The New Buena Vista Street at Disney California Adventure Park is a Blast to the Past

Imagineers are busy putting the final touches on Buena Vista Street at Disney California Adventure park. This busy California street will take you back to 1923, when Walt Disney first arrived in California.

Part of the décor includes colorful murals made of tiles that create a story, while also reflecting the architecture and the Spanish influence in California during the 1920s. The video below goes behind the scenes with Imagineers as they work with a vendor in Los Angeles to create each tile. Make sure you take time to see these beautiful murals this summer at Disney California Adventure park when Buena Vista Street, Carthay Circle Theatre and Cars Land open on June 15.

For more updates on Buena Vista Street and Cars Land, opening June 15 at Disney California Adventure park, check out the posts below:


  • Those were awesome! It was like the coolest puzzle ever put together! I wish I lived closer to California so I could visit Disneyland! I have never been there,although I have visited Disney World in Florida and I will be moving to Orlando in August! 😀

  • OTTO! I am right there with you!! I had such an emotional reaction to those tiles. The combination of iconic California images with the master craftsmanship of the ceramic artists does wonders to lift the spirit. I agree, these pieces are museum-worthy, but we get to enjoy them when Buena Vista Street opens in June. I can’t wait!!

  • @Ryan and Thomas Oswald was 25 or 26 to 28. Walt was here when together with up Ub they came up with Oswald. Walt went to New York in 28 to renew his distribution contract. The people in New York not only took Oswald away from him, they also told him they had taken all of his animators. On the train ride back to California Walt telegraphed Ub and told him of the loss of Oswald and requested Ub have several new character samples ready when he got back.

    Ub had 5 ready when Walt returned, a cow, dog, cat, duck and mouse. Walt picked the Mouse. Ub Iwerks really designed Mickey’s looks. Walt gave Mickey his personality. Ub is the hand behind the mouse.

    In 1928 Ub, his wife, Walt and Lillian along with one apprentice animator did Plane Crazy in 2 weeks. Ub drew 700 pictures a day for two weeks to complete the movie. Just as they finished talkies came to movies and Walt decided to do a cartoon with sound. Steamboat Willie came next and once again the 5 people worked together and completed the cartoon in about 2 weeks and Ub drew another 700 pictures a day.

  • Looks great!

  • Ryan, Mickey was created on the train ride to L.A. from NY in the late 1920’s which is what the “Storytellers” statue evokes. Oswald cartoons weren’t animated at the California studios as he predates them… 😉

  • I got tears in my eyes when I was the artwork represented in tiles. This is so beautifull it should be in a museum, but the best is more people get to see it in Disney Land. I hope I one day can get all the way there to see it in person but thank you for sharing it.

  • I have to say, I am really looking forward to seeing the brand new California Adventure come June 15th. Everytime I see something new like this, I just makes me wish all the more that tomorrow will be the magic day. I really liked the first version of California Adventure but I really think this is going to blow everyone’s socks off.

    I can hardly wait at the fact that if we are getting to preview these little details, what is waiting in store for us on opening day? I for one will be there to find out!!! 🙂

  • 1923, when Walt Disney first arrived in California, to create Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. right? 😉
    Shame the statue doesn’t tell that part of his history.

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