Top Tips for Mickey’s Halloween Party from the Disneyland Moms Panelists

Michele Himmelberg

by , Public Relations Director, Disneyland Resort

With the first night of Mickey’s Halloween Party tonight, I turned to some Disneyland Resort experts for their planning tips. Amanda Ficili and Ari Krell are the Disneyland Resort representatives on the Disney Moms Panel, a forum where guests can get advice for planning their visits to Disney Parks and Resorts.

Both Amanda and Ari recommend purchasing your tickets early for Mickey’s Halloween Party, since these 11 nights are very popular. They also encourage guests to arrive early and take advantage of this ticket’s special bonus – three extra hours to play in Disneyland park before the party begins. And they agree: arrive early to avoid delays at the parking structure (many people are arriving at the same time).

Enjoy the 'Halloween Screams' Fireworks During Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland Resort

What are some of your favorite things to do at Mickey’s Halloween Party?

Amanda: “I like to see all the spooktacular decorations in the daylight, so I don’t miss a single detail. One of our favorite photo locations is the giant Pumpkin in Town Square and we always try to arrive early enough to have PhotoPass snap a family photo here before the sun goes down. At night, we usually head over to the “hub” at about 9:00 to stake out a ‘Halloween Screams’ Fireworks viewing location in front of the castle.”

Ari: “One of my favorite pastimes is seeing how creative the guests are with their costumes. I am always impressed by the quality and creativity they put into these outfits. My family usually has a contest on how many princesses we will see, and that makes it more fun. If you’re wearing a costume, make sure you can wear it comfortably, especially the footwear. I vividly recall seeing many park guests walking barefoot because their costume shoes were not comfortable.”

Do you have any insights for first-timers at Mickey’s Halloween Party?

Amanda: “Keep your party wristband visible on your arm! This colorful band identifies you as a ticketed party guest during the event. If you’re coming later in the day, grab dinner early since many in-park dining locations will close early to prepare for the party. Or, arrive early and grab a bite at the Downtown Disney District.”

Ari: “Be realistic about how long your kids can play. We took our little girls on a night when they were 6 and 4. While they had a great time they were exhausted by 10 p.m. We were thrilled to have a room at the Disneyland Hotel that night. Not only was it the easiest place to get in our costumes – rather than driving to Disneyland park in full Buzz Lightyear regalia – it was also a short stroll back to our beds at the end of a lovely night. That was a lot happier than a long drive home.”

Go Trick-or-Treating at Disneyland Park During Mickey's Halloween Party at the Disneyland Resort

One, final spooky tip?

Amanda: “Be sure to grab a party map when you enter Disneyland park, but keep in mind there will be surprises not listed on it. You can use the map to locate Treat or Treat stops, dining options, dance parties, and even shops that offer Halloween-themed merchandise and goodies.

For Trick-or-Treating, no one is too old for candy at Disneyland. Mom, Dad, and the whole family can take advantage of the loot at Mickey’s Halloween Party. Be sure to ask for healthy treats, too, as each station has treats such as freeze dried apples and fresh fruit.”

Ari: “Mickey’s Halloween Party is a great time to capture precious one-of-a kind moments. Kids of all ages are dressed up and they’re posing with some of their favorite Disney characters, who are all decked out in Halloween costumes. Many of the best Disney villains have been known to make a special appearance during the party and they’re always ready to strike scary poses with you.”

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  • Bags are provided, but they are very tiny!

  • Would you recommend taking our own trick-or-treating bags with us, or are bags provided with the Halloween party entry/ticket?

  • My friend and her family are on their way to Disneyland right now! She had no idea that you could do this, until I told her about it. LOL! She is so excited to take her girls to trick-or-treat inside Disneyland! They will be dressed as Sally from “Nightmare Before Christmas” and Princess Jasmine. So happy for them!!! 🙂

  • Speaking of holidays at Disneyland, do you know what the official dates are for the Christmas celebration? …esp. the ending date. Thanks.

  • If you have older kids you may want to avoid long lines by starting your trick-or-treating later. After 9 or 9:30 the lines shorten considerably. My daughter (10 years old) prefers to go on rides either at Disneyland or DCA early in the evening and go through the trick-or-treating stations later. However you decided to do it, have FUN. It’s a great time for everyone.

  • thank you for the article and tips, i”m going for my first time this year:)

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