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Top Toys at Disney Parks for the Holidays

Steven Miller

by , Manager, External Affairs

The Disney Parks Christmas Train Set

My son recently made his wish list for the upcoming holidays. Surprisingly, the first item on his list was pants with belts (he is growing too quickly these days). I wasn’t surprised, however, to see the remainder of his list had toys and video games (like father, like son). Fortunately for him, I work at Disney Theme Park Merchandise, which sometimes feels like Santa’s workshop. Here are a few of my favorite toys I found from Disney Parks this year!

The Disney Parks Christmas Train Set leads my list of must-have toys. As a child, I set up my Pennsylvania Railroad model train underneath my Christmas tree. I can now continue that tradition with a new train set that has been in development for about two years. The set contains 30 pieces, including five cars, over 20 feet of track and a remote control. The set will only be offered at select Walt Disney World Resort locations and in the Disney Parks online store.
Disney-Themed Scrabble Coming to Disney Parks

For the next item, I’m playing the word, “Awesome.” We are releasing a new Disney Parks version of Scrabble with a few unique Disney twists. You can get bonus points for spelling certain Disney words. I wonder how many points I would score for playing the word “Kungaloosh.” This item will be carried at Disney Parks, and is coming to the online store starting November 26.
Pixar Disney Racers Coming to Disney Parks

Eleven Disney Racers of Pixar characters are featured in a new boxed set. The packaging was inspired by Pixar Place at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and contains a few retired cars. It is currently available via the online store.
Disney’s Polynesian Resort Playset Coming to Disney Parks

Finally, we have also reintroduced the Disney’s Polynesian Resort playset, which can be used with the classic monorail playset. The set is currently only found at Disney’s Polynesian Resort and the online store. I think this playset is the closest I’m ever going to get to actually living in paradise.

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  • The disney parks christmas train set is “out of stock” in the online store … any chance that you will get any more in before Christmas? There were a ton when we were in downtown disney last week, but didn’t have room to pack it.

  • Is the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom game going to be available online before Christmas????? I understand you can only get it on Main Street USA at the Emporium right now???

    • @Sherie – I spoke with the Disney Parks online store team. It looks like the booster pack/game won’t be online before Christmas. They want to carry it online but that may not happen until some point next year. For now, it is only carried at Magic Kingdom.

  • Yea! I’ve been waiting for Disney Scrabble.

  • I looked for that monorail playset ALL last week and didn’t find it, even at Once Upon a Toy. Of course…I forgot to actually check for it when I went to the Poly!

  • I just saw the Disney’s Polynesian Resort playset today at Once Upon a Toy over at Downtown Disney. So if you’re here on vacation, you can definitely pick it up there.

  • That Scrabble game is so cool! I’ve been playing Scrabble since I was seven. Oh Santa, I know what I want.

  • @Cory from AB I think there is free shipping at teh Disney store today but not sure about the shipping to Canada:)

  • That train is great! I wanted to get the regular DLRR version too, but that thing is huge and shipping to Canada costs an arm and a leg. Maybe next time I’ll have to bring a ridiculously huge suitcase…

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