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Moms Panel Monday: Romance, Hearts and Mouse Ears!

Disney Parks Moms Panelist Doug Ingersoll is a dad of two small princesses, but that doesn’t stop him from taking time to be romantical with his wife during their Disney Parks vacations.

Check out Doug’s Valentine’s Day advice for making your visit memorable.

To You From Doug, With Love

A Disney theme park is widely pictured as the quintessential family vacation. Images of pint-sized princesses in their gowns, grinning children peeking out from under a set of Mickey ears, or waving families atop Dumbo The Flying Elephant have become iconic. But it hardly inspires a vision of a romantic paradise. This, despite Walt Disney World Resort holding the title as the top destination for American honeymooners.

Have Kids? No Problem!
Your kids may not want to see you smooching poolside, but you can still enjoy a romantic night out on a family trip. Disney’s Child Activity Centers provide an answer for a common family vacation dilemma: Who will watch my kids when we want an evening alone?

These facilities, located within select Disney resorts, provide an ideal solution. My wife and I use the centers to free ourselves for a less hectic dinner at one of Disney’s many signature restaurants.

Give Your Spouse the Gift of Time
Give your partner time to recharge away from the kids. My daughters and I surprised my wife with an afternoon off. When she rejoined us for dinner at her favorite restaurant, the California Grill, we presented her with a framed picture of the family in front of Cinderella Castle. It may not be classic romance, but it certainly made her vacation special.

Just the Two of You
A romantic, adult-only trip to Walt Disney World Resort may seem counterintuitive, but it really can be an ideal getaway. Accommodations vary from the affordable to the luxurious.

The parks offer a romantic backdrop for any couple. A romantic stroll along Main Street, U.S.A., or sampling foods at the eleven national pavilions of the Epcot World Showcase can be magical.

For more in-depth romance planning, visit the panelists at the Disney Parks Moms Panel, and check out their bios to select a panelist with similar tastes, backgrounds, and interests as you and your loved one.

Those are Doug’s tips. How do you create romance at a Disney park? Do tell!


  • My husband and I have always taken a trip for our anniversary. Since our last 4 anniversaries have been with children we have made them Disney trips. This February is our 10th anniversary and having been to many exciting locations around the world I am still as excited to go to Disneyland! We will be there this weekend and I can’t wait to take our special anniversary picture on Main Street near the heart shaped planters around the flag pole. We will be taking our little ones so it will still be a family trip. We all just love Disney!

  • My husband and I just returned today from our first weekend trip without our kids in over 18 years. It was also my birtday weekend and upon checking in at the resort I recieved “I’m Celebrating” and “Happy Birthday” buttons and a special welcome photo of Mickey Mouse. It definitely started our weekend off right and made us feel extra special. When I wore the “I’m Celebrating” button we told people who asked we are celebrating “New Beginnings”! Our time was spent really exploring the parks in a whole new way, like watching the glass blower in the crystal shop on Main Street for over an hour. We also utilized the park photographers to capture some pretty special shots, like me sitting on my husbands lap in front of the flowers at Epcot and kissing in front of the Castle. Do something you have never done before!

  • My husband and I have celebrated every wedding anniversary at Walt Disney World. It is always a great day for us to spend time together and remember the early stages of our relationship – we met at WDW so it brings back some great memories for us! We always end the night with dinner at one of the signature restaurants and fully indulge ourselves. My advice to make the parks more romantic would be to not set a schedule for what you want to do that day (except for if you want to make dining reservations) but instead just enjoy the time together and wander through the park. Instead of rushing from ride to ride like you do most of the time with family, enjoy the things the parks offer that may be off the beaten path. There is always something new to discover!

  • I love these ideas and it helps when others pass on their good ones. In today busy world parents need more time off and togetherness. I know I do. And I will be going to WDW soon for our much needed time together.

  • Hi Laura!

    Our family is blessed with a special needs child and we have learned to spell each other off for respite. The absolute best place on Earth to do this is at Disney Parks and with Disney Cruise Line.

    We take turns doing what restores our inner peace and then share our experiences with our family over a hearty dinner. So many relaxing activities and invigorating experiences are offered that we look forward to trying something new everytime.

    I really identified with and enjoyed your post today, thank you!

    Best regards,
    Jacqueline (Jackie)

  • Doug – you’re the man! Those are all awesome ideas. My wife and I honeymooned in Walt Disney World and we had an amazing time. It’s hard to top Doug’s list of romantic ideas, but I have two other little gems. The first one is simple – I’ve surprised my wife with floral arrangements that were sent to our hotel room by Disney’s Floral & Gifts team. They have an awesome array of gifts and arrangements that would be perfect for anyone in your party. The second one is a little more indulgent – a visit to one of the spas at Walt Disney World. There are quite a few to choose from and they all have a wide variety of treatments and services. Walt Disney World is definitely a place where romance can blossom! Thanks Doug for helping to get the word out!!

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