Explore How Adventures by Disney Cast Member Designs the Perfect Trip

Lindsay Broadhurst

by , Senior Communications Manager, Disney Signature Experiences

Have you ever wondered who plans all the details for Adventures by Disney and National Geographic Expedition trips?

Meet Chantel Pevey, who has the amazing role of designing trips around the world as a Trip Development Manager for Group Land and Cruise with Adventures by Disney and National Geographic Expeditions. Chantel’s love for meeting families from around the world and sharing Disney magic with them has been something that she not only enjoys but also has been a constant theme throughout her career. Chantel started on the Disney College Program at Disneyland Resort where she was also in Guest Relations before joining Adventures by Disney almost six years ago.

“I chose to have a career in the travel industry because travel played such a key part in my life. I studied abroad in Lausanne, Switzerland for my entire sophomore year of college. Up until that point, I had not really traveled internationally before, so I was endlessly curious about exploring the world and visiting the places that had inspired the settings for what had been in pages of books or scenes of a film for me at the time. I certainly attribute this part of life my life with discovering a love for travel and planting the seed for my future career path. It inspired me to discover passions, create life-long friends, and I have learned many helpful skills along the way that help in many different facets of life,” she shared.

Chantel exploring the seaside caves of Taormina, Sicily.

Chantel shared, “I am part of an amazing team that takes families beyond the parks to explore the world through the lens of Disney’s tradition of storytelling, authentic Guest service, and magical moments. Within National Geographic Expeditions, we create experiences that celebrate National Geographic’s renowned legacy of exploration across continents and into remote cultures.”

Chantel most recently helped develop the two new 2023 itineraries to Sicily and the British Isles. “Many passionate cast members invest in creating these new adventures and expeditions for our guests,” Chantel continued. “There is a substantial amount of research that goes into developing a new trip. I enjoy diving into a new destination and learning about the culture, stories, people and places before ultimately determining the experiences that will resonate with our Guests the most. This is often the really hard part because most trips would be at least two weeks long if we included everything we initially wanted to! There are so many different teams behind bringing a new destination to life.”

When asked what makes these trips so special and unique, Chantel shared, “Our Adventures by Disney destinations offer something for everyone to discover and fall in love with. In Sicily, you can experience an incredibly scenic island that is steeped in over 10,000 years of history as it was a land that so many empires sought to conquer, creating a treasure trove of diverse architecture, culture and food. Our British Isles adventure is a blend of some our most beloved Adventures by Disney experiences combined with a few all-new experiences in Northern Ireland. One of my favorite new activities is making traditional Irish soda and potato breads in a 17th-Century farmhouse.”

Chantel taking in the splendor of the Teatro Greco from the third century BC in Taormina, Sicily.

“Our new adventure in Sicily is chock full of Greek and Roman ruins, amazing food, vibrant villages, and sun-drenched splendor.”

Chantel creating a puppet – or pupi – at a puppet-making studio in Siracusa, Sicily.

“So many people love exploring our Disney Parks,” Chantel said. “It really is wonderful that Adventures by Disney and National Geographic Expeditions offer guests the opportunity to go explore the world – the world that was the source of inspiration for so many beloved Disney stories, attractions and experiences.”

Ready to pack your bags and head out on a new adventure? Adventures by Disney just announced more ways to discover real-world magic with itineraries to Sicily and the British Isles in 2023! More details can be found here.